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Oceania at Island Cove, Cavite

Oceania at Island Cove, Cavite


There is so much here to uncover it could take a lifetime, guess I better start now. It's crazy to me how one city, barangay or province can be so vast and diverse. I have mentioned our visit to Silang Cavite before but now we ventured to a whole different side of Cavite.  I could not believe my eyes on the drive down there. Just ten minutes away from Mall of Asia is a whole way of life I haven't seen in Manila. Fishermen and houses on water stilts with bamboo driveways for their boats. Plus, the cool Jeepney Buses tromping around Cavite. They are large and in charge.  Finally, Island Cove. Dudes, Island Cove is awesome! The drive down was painless as we left before 8 am on a Saturday. The entrance process was smooth, even with a Metro Deal, just the usual multiple steps. Island Cove is a whole lotta fun and you get what you pay for. The price is right, so don't expect anything swanky but do expect a lot of fun.

There are massive pools, multiple slides, splash pad, karaoke, picnic and covered eating areas and a's all at Island Cove. 

The main pool has slides and water toys. There is no height requirement but you can only ride solo.   *Revised May 2016- My sister in law recently broke her leg riding the inflatable water slide. She jammed her leg on the bottom of the pool causing multiple fractures in her leg. I would not recommend this slide but the other features in the water park should be fine. She is adoring great and enjoying Chanda Poppins and The Philippines still.      Island Cove is large so the splash pad and large kiddie pool are a bit hidden to the right of the main pool. Make sure to really have a look around.    It was as if the clouds had parted and the angels sang, splash pads are a heavenly creation.      Our crew at the table and chairs. It says no food allowed but I was unaware until writing this post.   Cabanas and kareoke machines available for serious party goers.   Restrooms are located in two spots, near the main pool and across the park at the large kiddie pool near the splash pad. And there was toilet paper! Always a good day when TP is provided.   This playground, The Maze, blew my mind. It is a beautiful and modern play structure just outside of the Oceania entrance. I couldn't believe it. We played for a long while on our way out. I highly recommend it. 

Things to know:

  • Oceania Island Cove is located in Cavite.

  • Leave early to beat traffic and busy hours at Oceania. We got there just after 8:30 and by 10 it was busy.

  • You can bring and pack your own food but there is also a restaurant. Tables and huts are available for rent 100-800. Price list below.

  • Life vests of any kind are not allowed on slides. There is no height restriction but you have to be a single rider.

  • Showers and bathrooms, with toilet paper, are available in multiple spots. First aid station is available and ample lifeguards. However, I would be watching children very carefully.

  • Must bring your own towels.

  • The Maze playground is super cool so definitely make time for it.

  • If you buy the awesome metro deal it is inclusive of a zoo as well.


Kid: 290


Kid: 310

Night rate: 260


Adult: 410

Kid: 360

Table and Chairs - P100

Picnic Huts - P500 Cabana - P800

Sundeck - P900

Gazebo - P1500


150 - Entrance Fee

100 - Feeding Bag


Food and beverage is not allowed.

Swim Attire:

Women: Swim suits, tank tops and shorts in spandex (without buttons and zippers)

Men: Swimming trunks, board shorts. No basketball shorts Pool hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8am to 8pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 8am to 9pm

Sonya's Secret Garden, A Most Magical Lunch in Tagaytay 

Sonya's Secret Garden, A Most Magical Lunch in Tagaytay 

Mega Lego Exhibit at Mega Mall

Mega Lego Exhibit at Mega Mall