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Sonya's Secret Garden, A Most Magical Lunch in Tagaytay 

Sonya's Secret Garden, A Most Magical Lunch in Tagaytay 

Last Thursday we had family in town and were swimming in the beaches of Pico De Loro that morning, driving through the mountains of Tagaytay that afternoon stopping for a quick photo op of  Taal Volcano and then into the lush greens of Sonya's Secret Gardens. Oh Pilipinas, I love you. Put it on the list. I had seen pictures of Sonya's and heard about it for years but never had I been. Finally, with some family in town I decided to give it a go and holy cow, was it quaint and charming.   If Little Red Riding Hood lived in The Phils she definitely would have stopped at Sonya's panaderia on her way to her lolas.   I need to write an ode to The Islands of all my favorite breads. Monay, pandesal, mamon how I love you. Sonya's really is large, with five kids in tow and a steaming hot day we didn't cover it all. Please know this is just a little taste of the greatness there. Plus, we didn't stay the night and oh how wish we could have. The bed and breakfast looks so dreamy. Sony's is a set meal and starts of with this signature wild flower salad. Almost too beautiful to eat.

  Every item was fresh and locally produced. Here we have fresh squeezed dalandan juice and herb infused water. 

 I'm not sure if the menu changes or if it is always the same but our menu was pasta and ratatouille. The ratatouille was to die for! *My son has a Gf diet and next time I will call ahead for a special dish because there was not much he could eat. **You can order a roast chicken and rice. The menu is always the same.  The lighting inside the main seating area is tricky and seems to have a bit of a filter because of the white linens hanging from the ceiling.

  Fresh tarragon and dark moist chocolate cake was paired perfectly (except the temps outside were so hot!) and served at the end. The proposal area is breathtaking. You can reserve it for a private function but no children or pets are allowed. Every detail was so rustic including this stained glass door. The grounds were of course a show stopper. There are flower gardens, fountains, greenhouses and so much more!

Obviously, I love when my kids are in nature and they love it too. Look at all that fresh space to explore. Breath in deep kids, that is some mighty fine air. :)  Down the way from the main restaurant is a hill lined with flowers, the green house and bed and breakfast rooms. It wraps down into a courtyard with a large flower garden, another restaurant and more rooms. As I was racing back to the car with sweaty kids I noticed an entire area to the ride of the panaderia which had a country store, apothecary, restaurant and more lovely seating. I must return!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.37.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.37.54 PM

Things to know: 

  • I would call ahead and make reservations. There is ample seating but it is always a good idea. Cost is 683 php per person for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is 560php.

  • Allow a solid 2-3 hours for the dining and exploring experience.

  • There are large fans in the restaurant but no air con.

  • If you have diet restrictions you can request a different meal than the pasta bar.

  • It is also a bead and breakfast. Rates start at 3000php per person.

  • Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)

  • Sonya's Garden restaurant:

  • Gerlie Glorioso +63-9175329097Josephine Leonor +63-9175291080 Zarina Lopez +63-9175161080 Evie Brown +63-9175171080 Sonya's Country Bed & Breakfast:

  • Christina Caimoy +63-9175335140Catherine del Castillo +63-9175031080 Sonya's Garden Spa:

  • Ma. Sybelene Penano +63-9175231080

  • email us

  • We always stop at 'The Nicest Starbucks In The World' for the best photo op of Taal. It is on your left just after the first round about in Tagatay.

Bellini's At Cubao Expo

Bellini's At Cubao Expo

Oceania at Island Cove, Cavite

Oceania at Island Cove, Cavite