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An Ode To Pandesal

After four years of an openly committed relationship to pandesal it is time to determine the relationship publicly, PANDESAL I LOVE YOU! I have learned that food is a viable love language in Filipino culture which makes perfect sense as to why I love living here, it is also my love language. What does one do when they love something undeniably? You shout it from the (blog) roof tops! So today, I confess my undying love for a little bread that made me even sweeter on the Philippines. 




cookie bar pandesal.jpg

I love you because I love bread. Give me all the carbs!

pandesal smuggler.jpg

I love you because I can just pop you in my mouth like popcorn. Gulai, I should be more careful. Ingat po when eating pandesal kasi addiction ako! 

pile of pandesals.jpg

I love your flakey crust! 

I love your flakey crust! 

rows on rows.jpg

I love how cheap you are. 

I love how cheap and you are. 


I even love you when you are fancy. 

I love your chewy insides.

bite out of crime.jpg
bite out of pandesals.jpg
extra large pandesal.jpg

I love your dusty outsides!

fresh out of the oven.jpg

I love when you are warm and fresh out of the oven!

serious business.jpg

I love that I can have you 24/7 at panaderias.

pile of pandesals ll.jpg

I love when you have malunngay in you.

bag of pandesals.jpg

I love the crinkle of the brown paper bag letting me know you are near. 


I love the memories you ignite of every road trip we have ever taken in the Philippines. 

panedsal + tablea.jpg

I love you with tablea, peanut Butter and a hardboiled egg! 

enjoying pandesal.jpg

I love that you are so little it makes me think I can eat 100 of you! Truth be told, I probably could!

big butt

I love you even if you made my butt big. 

smile + pandesal

Most of all, I love you because you feel like home. 

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