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Real Food Ph

Real Food Ph

There are very few reasons why I would restrict my diet, one of those is family reunions. [Also, Uniqlo - you make me think I am not even worthy of making clothes my size. Can we change that? Thanks!] The summer is upon us which means we make our annual retreat to the US for a few weeks. This means all my favorite American foods plus family reunions, the annual judgement fest (joke lang, medyo). The past two years as I have dug deeper into Filipino cuisine I took quite a liking to it … and it to me. It liked me so much it has decided to hug tight to my waist and hip line, I am looking at you suman and pandesal! All of this is to say, I have spent the last few weeks on a strict eating regiment. Real Food Ph was the first stop I made to stock up on all things healthy and Pinoy! 


Real Food Ph has a beautiful new store front in BGC and the original location is located in Alabang. They have so many options, most of them local which makes me very happy. They have a freezer section, vegan, gluten free, sugar free - you get it!


these take root bars are to die for!


super scoops for all! honestly, the vegan and locally made ice cream is a new personal favroite.

If you have any questions about ingredients the Real Food PH sales attendants are well prepared and can answer your questions. I was very appreciative that the sales attendant pulled out a binder with a list of ingredients for each and every product. Ozzie’s lungs shut down when he eats wheat so this was such a nice treat to see everything clearly labeled. Two thumbs way up for service Real Food Ph.


i picked up the brown rice bibingka home kit, cannot wait to make it with Ozzie Dude.


a very happy boy with his amore’s gluten free pandesal!


PLUS: free close parking! Hallelujah!

Manila really does have everythaaaang! Thanks Real Food PH for bringing the healthy to Manila. 

Kita Kita,


Open from 10AM to 10PM Monday to Sunday.

Located at Unit 13A, Molito Lifestyle Center, Madrigal Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, MM.

Telephone number: +63 2 772 0131

Also located at ICON Showroom Building, BGC 5th corner 25th street.

Telephone number: +63 0917 170 5573 

 Mobile number +63 917 678 0158 
 Email address

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Manila is Live On Google's Touring Bird (and so am I)

Manila is Live On Google's Touring Bird (and so am I)