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A Few Favorite Things For The Boys

A Few Favorite Things For The Boys

I like sharing about local options with the Favorite Things post and today I want to share few playful things that were a hit this holiday with the boys. We’ve been scaling back Christmas every year and my focus this year was on ‘doing’ and ‘playing’ gifts that would exercise their brains and bodies. I want to share with you some of our playful things that are all found locally.

Oli’s Box|

We have gotten to what I like to call, The Golden Age. The Golden Age is the age when children start doing things for themselves. I loved Oli’s Box before because it allowed me to have a guided activity to create with my kids. This was the perfect opportunity to be present and mindful, plus I really liked the activities each month. Lately, when I was doing dishes or cooking dinner the kids took it upon themselves and create the Oli’s Box on their own! Twice this Christmas break I peered out the window from the kitchen as I washed the dishes and watched all three of my #3PinoyBoys bond and create Oli’s Box together. There was a bit of fighting over the fun because hello, three brothers, but it was a lovely parent moment to have. Oli’s box is a great subscription for kids but even more so for working parents who want a prepared activity to create with their child. You can use my code, playfulmum10, to get 10% off a subscription if you’re interested.


Soap Bubble For The Win!


make glitter soap

Tiger Tribe Ph/Bright Brands|

Tiger Tribe’s activity sets are the freaking bomb. Cheryl, the genius mum behind Bright Brands Ph, only brings brands to Manila that hit it out of the park. These activity boxes keep my kids busy for hours and days at a time! From art kits, to comic book making sets and space crafts there is a limitless of knowledge to be gained and fun to be had. My favorite part is that they are so affordable! Some of the sets are as low as 350php and most aren’t higher than 600 php. I bought extra and keep them in the birthday box so when we need gifts for friends we have them on hand. Way to go Bright Brands!


making stickers and placing them


magnet board play scenes


kuya feeling like a grown up artist


this neon coloring set is perfect for little kids because they feel empowered that they are ‘coloring in the lines’, you can’t see errors with a black background. :)

GooGoo & Gaga|

My kids all have funky relationships with clothing which causes them to only choose clothes that are comfy. If you haven’t notice already (ha ha ha) I let my kids dress themselves, sometimes this is comical, horrendous and other times I am pleased. My kids continually flock towards Googoo&Gaga’s printed tees. I am guessing it’s because there are no tags, the designs are fun and the cotton is super super soft.


*i apparently also do not comb my children’s hair, oh well…



Decathalon at Tiendesitas opened and we have become regulars. Regulars defined as that we visit at least two times a week for an hour to two at the minimum. We love it there and cannot get enough. My husband and I enjoy roaming the aisles thinking of ways to be more active as family and the boys love playing in the outdoor court and indoor soccer tent. We picked up a handful of accessories and soccer items to give the kids gifts that encourage more physical activity and it was all so affordable. Decathlon really is a families playground.


Fun for everyone


sport court play in the rain

Twinkly PH|

The highLIGHT of Christmas was absolutely Twinkly Lights. I don’t say yes to many sponsored projects but when Twinkly approached me I knew it would be a good fit for the kids and our family and I was correct. Twinkly Lights were something we bonded over as a family and is now a family holiday tradition.


Manila really does have it all.

Kita Kita,


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