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A Few Favorite Things That Tickle My Fancy

A Few Favorite Things That Tickle My Fancy

I hope your weekend is off to a brilliant beginning. I am popping into share a few things that are tickling my fancy these days. (Does that weird American phrase translate?)

Inabel Accent Pillows|

Abmer Folkman A Momma Abroad Home in Manila-22.jpg

Almost all my abel comes from Abel Ph. Found them on FB or message them at 905 477 6694.

These Inabel accent pillows are a pick me up almost every time I glance their way. I feel connected to the Philippines through textiles. Visiting weaving communities in Ilocos, wrapping my self in a locally made blanket or having my couch covered in Inabel pillows reminds me to live in the here and now. The story of the fishermen in La Union comes to mind each time I see the fishermen woven into the pillow cover. When I see the bold red piña textile I am reminded of the sweet juicy fruit, the high sleeves of a Philippine terno made from piña fibers and also our own #OurPiñaHome

Abmer Folkman A Momma Abroad Home in Manila-27.jpg
Abmer Folkman A Momma Abroad Home in Manila-105.jpg

thanks to Kaho of Chuzai Living for all the photos

Expat Home Series|

Kaho of Chuzai Living has a really cool series on her blog, Expat Home Features. Kaho moves every few years and has a super cool mix of homes globally that I enjoy perusing. If you’re curios what other homes look like of diplomats or expats in other countries go peek at her blog. She recently featured our home and the way she captured the bright photos are how I hope to always remember our home. 

Abmer Folkman A Momma Abroad Home in Manila-36.jpg

Photo credit to talented Kaho of Chuzai Living

Kawaii Cartimar|

Last week I visited Cartimar with a dear friend and one of my favorite finds, besides this bongga taho bar, was the Japanese store full of kawaii food finds! I bought these little candy making sets for the kids. Two out of three of them were ok and one was a complete failure. Squid flavored candy isn’t the best for an American palate so choose wisely!

Full post coming soon for Cartimar, it’s gonna be a good one! 


The candy sets were around 100php each and relatively easy to mix and make. The instructions were completely in Japanese but pictures were more than enough to understand. They weren’t as delicious as we had hoped but we still had fun none the less. It’s wild to me that I live in Manila but have access to cool things like these random sushi candies from Japan. I love Asia! I love Manila!


Sanicare Wipes|

Yeah, baby wipes are a weird thing to get excited about but when you live in a city that doesn’t always have tissue in public bathrooms, baby wipes are part of your every day arsenal. Also, if you are a mom or care taker of young children baby wipes are an absolute must. Plus, look how tiny they are! I found these at the grocery store near my home, 6 pack (8 wipes each) was 79php!

IMG_6460 2.jpg

The design print, size and usability of these sanicare wipes make my momma heart swoon. silly, i know.

May the simple pleasures of life bring you joy. Don’t forget to find the #PerksofPinas.

Happy Weekend!

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