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Pilipino Pantry: Cheese Sticks

Pilipino Pantry: Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are a rite of passage for a Filipino child. My eldest, Kuya A, has quite the American palate and hasn’t taken to fish, suman or a number of other pamilya favorites UNTIl: Cheese Sticks! He came home from school talking all about the delicious cheese sticks he had during afternoon merienda. He even asked for extra coins so he could buy more the next day at school. I couldn’t believe it, perhaps his Filipino accent isn’t the only Filipino cultural identity he has.

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While grocery shopping we happened to find the cheese lumpia in the frozen aisle and they are so addicting. Do not buy them unless you plan on eating all of them. You really can’t just have one. To make a slightly healthy version we also baked our own, I would recommend using parmesan or another white cheese as cheddar doesn’t turn out great.


Kuya A in his element in the school canteen with is beloved cheese lumpia.

Another childhood rite of passage: Cheese Cupcake. If you haven’t had these delicious keso delights you are surely missing out. Don’t let the “cheese” title turn you off, they really are like a heavy cream cheese pound cake but more dry and super sarap!


“Mommy, today Jacob taught me how to have bacon as my ulam with my rice. It was so yummy, can I have it tomorrow also?” This is coming from a child who wouldn’t eat rice until a year ago. Children are resilient and incredible students of life, I am grateful to be a mom to one of them and learn from them.

Kita Kita,


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