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Amba Hotel Taipei: Where Dreams Come True AKA The Day I Met Mikey Bustos 

Amba Hotel Taipei: Where Dreams Come True AKA The Day I Met Mikey Bustos 

Last post I shared about the wild and fun media familiarization trip I recently went on to Taipei BUT what I didn’t mention was how I FREAKING MET MIKEY BUSTOS AND CRIED. Like a babbling idiot. Seriously, Amba Hotels Taiwan you made all this kaloka white ladies dreams come true. 


Flying (ALONE!) on EVA Airways to have an epic surprise in Taipei

Amber, how the heck did this all go down?

Great question! The Taipei City government wants to continue to encourage Filipinos to visit their lovely city so they asked a group of bloggers (ako and some other super duper talented and fun friends) to hop on over for a quick visit. They also had the brilliant idea of partnering up with Mikey Bustos to make one of his hilarious music videos and vlog in Taipei with a local celebrity.

ambiance .jpg

Located at Amba Ximending is a recording studio to encourage local artists to further their talent. We also filmed the cooking show in this part of Amba Ximending.

The city government organized a cooking show of sorts that our group of bloggers were asked to join in and Mikey Bustos was the main guest. YOU GUYS, I about died. My kids and I have been singing his song for years. But he stands for so much more than parodies, he is a cultural bridge and teacher. He allows Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike to come together and learn, be entertained and see that our differences are something to chuckle at together rather than separate us. 


Showing Mikey my #3PinoyBoys singing his "F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O" song

I am a highly emotional human so crying seemed to be my most natural reaction. Watch the video below from Mikey’s vlog to understand why. (AND OMG YES, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED- I MADE INTO ONE OF MIKEY BUSTOS VLOGS. OMG OMG OMG) 

We start conversing at 9:48

mikey l.jpg
mikey ll.jpg

And now a quick word about Amba Hotels. I can’t guarantee that your dream of meeting Mikey Bustos will come true if you stay at Amba but I can guarantee that your dreams of staying in a chic iconic hotel in Taipei will come true. 

amba exterior.jpg

Amba Hotel has three locations and during our visit we were able to hit up all three, Ximending, Zhongshan, Songshan. If you’re looking for the busy hip and touristy part of Taipei stay in Ximending.

ambiance l.jpg

Each level had a different theme with mural lined hallways

details with chal.jpg

Super Chal and Amber at Amba Ximending's optical illusion mural


A room all to myself

For more of a business stay try downtown in Amba Zhongshan- don’t forgot to visit their speak easy type bar, MUD and promise me you won't miss their biscuits and fried chicken at Buttermilk. They are to die for! Of course, all the food at Amba is to die for!

MUD l.jpg

In house mixologist concocts original drinks in MUD

L to R: Buttermilk Biscuits, Fig arugula Salad, Ceviche, Sausage Platter, Soft Shell Crab, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Blackberry Pie (took me back to my childhood!), Honey Drip at Breakfast, Blood Oranges, Virgin Mojito

flatlay details.jpg

With Amba Hotels it is all in the details

If you’re looking for easy access to public transportation, parks for your little ones or a night market (Rohoe Night Market), Amba Songshan is a great fit, it also had my favorite art. Amba is riddled with witty details and reeks of cool style, it really is a must. Plus, you can’t beat the service and pricing.

Room Mirror.jpg
Room l.jpg
city view.jpg

The view from Amba Songshan reveals Taipei 101 on the right and is a popular location for New Years Eve

room ll.jpg
amba van.jpg

There is a shuttle to popular locations from Amba Songshan, just keep your eyes open for the Amba Van

light fictures.jpg
light fixtures.jpg

The light fixtures were eye catching and made by local Taiwanese artisans

Amber loves Amba! 

amber loves amba.jpg

Thanks to Jeron Travel for the wonderfully executed travel arrangements and to EVA Air for seamless and comfortable travel. EVA lounges we’re such a luxury since I didn’t have the kids. Don’t forgot to check out the Hello Kitty gate at the Taipei airport. A special thanks to the Taipei city government for their excellence and hospitality. Taipei truly is a welcoming city and a place I highly recommend for a visit. Now, I just need to bring the whole crew back and experience it as a family. You game Amba?!

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