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The Bike Playground

The Bike Playground

Before I dig into this post let me be very blunt, I never want to paint a false picture so I will share some honesty behind the photos of this post. What you do see: the happy moments. What you don’t see: the crying moments and a slightly frustrated mom. Why you don’t see crying kids? 1| No one likes looking at pictures of crying kids. 2| The reason I couldn’t take pictures of said crying kids is because I had either crashed on top of them or I was holding one of them from crying. Were there smiles? Absolutely! Were there tears? Absolutely! Now, let’s continue. 

The Bike Playground is bongga bongga. It’s clean, its organized, its outside and its cheap. The staff is super helpful. The place itself is super easy to locate. All in all the Bike Playground is a major plus to those living in the Metro. 

bike sign.jpg

Getting to The Bike Playground is fairly easy at is located at the newly developed Circulo Verde. After you work up an appetite don't forget to stop and grab some pandesal from Kambal Pandesal. So masarap! 

from afar.jpg

We were lucky enough to visit on a holiday while the park was still open. This meant almost no one was there which was perfect for our first timers. I wouldn't suggest going unless you have a confident rider. The fee for the ENTIRE day is only 65php! If you need to rent a bike or a helmet please find their price list here. I cannot mention enough how helpful the attendants were. They pumped up our bike tires and practiced with the kids to help them each gain confidence. 


The space is massive with two large covered areas and two out door riding areas. One part of the covered dome is a space dedicated for those who still need some practice before they enter the courses. 

helping hands.jpg

As you can see we went when it was pretty much empty. There were 1-2 advanced riders who were very cautious of my kids. They were even encouraging to them which was so nice as they boys were quite apprehensive in the beginning. The bunso ended up being the bravest of them all! 

main course iV.jpg
main course l.jpg
main course ll.jpg
main course lll.jpg
helping hands lll.jpg

There is also an outdoor track which is a great starting place for those are testing the uneven surfaces. It is quite hotter as it isn't covered but I would recommend starting here to help your rider become more comfortable with uneven terrain. This could also be an option to ride if the covered course is too crowded. 

outdoor trail lll.jpg

Our driver, Lolo Jerome, is the absolute best! He really is a second yaya. He helped me chase and push the kids all over. We are so lucky to have him. 

out door trail ll.jpg
outdoor trail.jpg

Salamat po Kuyas!

helping hands ll.jpg

Press Play

There may have been tears but there was also triumph! I will take tears over trying new things outdoors than tears over electronics in doors any day! I am so grateful for people who see a need for outdoor activity and bring it to us city dwellers and at such an affordable price as well. We may be in an urban jungle but it is no excuse to stay indoors! 

Kita Kits,


The Bike Playground

Circulo Verde
Calle Industria, Bagumbayan
Quezon City, Philippines


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