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The Jungalow: An Antipolo Airbnb Dream

The Jungalow: An Antipolo Airbnb Dream

Welcome to the Jungalow

bahay kubo lll.jpg

Once upon a time there was a girl whose heart loved the mountains but was trapped in the comforts of the city  . . . and that girl was me.

My love affair with Antipolo still has not simmered and is actually in full on stalker mode, I just can quit. In fact, I am so obsessed we had ourselves a little weekend away getaway last month to this dream boat of an Airbnb I have so fondly nicknamed, The Jungalow. Keep reading for eye candy and full on conversion to the Antipolo love train.  Choo choo, all aboard. 

entrance l.jpg

a cheerful canary yellow invites you inside

I posted a few IG Stories about our sweet find and had more than 30 inquiries within the day about where I was and requests for the Airbnb listing. It was actually quite easy to find as I searched for a particular location and price within Antipolo and the choices were limited. The Jungalow was by far the most eye catching and spacious. It has only been listed since 2018 so the reviews were but a few, however, the pictures did it justice. 

entry way.jpg

open spaces for families to commune

Located right next to Vieux Chalet you can't really ask for a better location. While the house is on a family compound you really feel secluded and it is as if you have your own space. The pool is a shared space however, the hosts are lovely people. Making kuwento with them was a highlight of our stay. 


i wonder what words would fill my pages if i were to gaze out this window

kitchen l.jpg

mid century modern lives long and prospers

breakfast outside.jpg

will you be having your breakfast inside...

breakfast outside ll.jpg

or outside?

bedroom ll.jpg

bedroom 1

bedroom details.jpg

bonus: the owner is an artist and several of her artworks adorn the walls

Besides a hidden bungalow we also had full access to a secret garden and bahay kubo. The pond in the corner of the garden is a home to tadpoles, frogs, lotus pods and so much more. The homeowners have very much created a safe space for the natural wildlife and don't use lights and loud noises at night so the shared space is peaceful for all living creatures both great and small. 

bahay kubo.jpg
lotus pond l.jpg

a secret garden all to ourselves

lotus pond.jpg

It's hard to decide who the real star of The Jungalow is but my boys would tell you by far it was the pool. Surrounded by lush greens and extra large in space, we haven't enjoyed that much nature and swimming in a very long time. I know the term 'magical' gets thrown around a lot but if I had to choose one experience so far for 2018 that was magical it was probably swimming with my boys in the pool all afternoon, I only wish my husband could have been there to join us. Oh yeah, our stay was so good that even if I was a solo momma it was that enjoyable. 

pool lll.jpg


pool ll.jpg

We also visited Crescent Moon, Loreland's new Family Fun Center, ate Vieux Chalet and Marisons. We really lived up our Antipolo weekend. Please watch for more posts this week! 

So, the wild heart found a sweet escape to the mountains until her heart was brave enough to leave the convenience of the city and they lived happily ever after. 

Thank you always and forever Jungalow

Kita kits,


A few things to note, this home is not intended for large gatherings but for the intention of small gathering and a refuge from the city. Large groups cannot be accommodated. The parking is up a very steep hill so be prepared but you can also park at the base of the hill. Ants are everywhere, embrace it. Seemingly, that is how life is in the mountains. :) 

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