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Pilipino Library: Two Children's Tales

Pilipino Library: Two Children's Tales

Today's Pilipino Library post features two lovely children's tales about cheeky blind mice and a boastful lady cabbage. Keep reading for a good time! 

Dalwang Dagang Bulag|

Dalawang Dagang Bulag is an adventure story of two small creatures. With each page, follow the cheeky mice from one folly to the next. It is a story of excitement, twist and turns and in the end . . . I will leave that up to you to find out. 


This is a great starter book as the story is lively yet easy to follow and read. I also love the bright pages of the book, the contrast of simplicity and bold colors is a perfect pair for budding readers. For my family it was very helpful having the Tagalog and English text. 


Story by Rodolfo Desuasido and illustrations by Rommel Joson. Dalawang Dugang Bulag can be purchased online through Adarna House Publishing and Pumple Pie Books

The Tale Of Lady Cabbage|

I wish I knew more of Filipino folk tales because the few I know are very entertaining. It is comical to me that they almost cross over between fearsome kids tales and light hearted morbid humor. For example, the legend of the pineapple and the thousand eyes, grabe, it is hilarious and frightening. The Tale Of Lady Cabbage embodies the same element of child humor and a fearsome moral story. 


Lady Cabbage teaches us moral lessons about being boastful and perhaps it isn't always the best to be the biggest and the loudest. You might, ahem, cause attention to yourself, for example by the farmer and . . . I'll let you find out the rest


This easy read while it carries it a lesson about bragging, is light hearted and weirdly funny. I have now learned just a bit more about the Filipino culture from reading this and also how many stories and songs and even festivals revolve around vegetables! I don't know why I am surprised as so much of Pinoy culture revolves around food (my love language). 


Written by Serene Wee and illustrated by Conrad Raquel with the Filipino translation by Augie Rivera. The Tale Of Lady Cabbage can be purchased through Tahana Books. 

I have learned so much through Filipino Children's books and consider them one of the greatest tools when assimilating here as a family. Happy reading kaibigan!

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