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Pilipino Library: Cashaysayan

Pilipino Library: Cashaysayan

Halo-Halo Histories has done it again and this time with Cashaysayan, A History of Philippine Money. Just as A Lolong Time Ago, A Philippine Prehistory, was brilliantly fun and delightful to read so is Cashaysayan. These history books are anything but out of date, they are quick to engage with modern children and witty enough to delight those beyond childhood. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these light histories and becoming more acquainted with our new home country. This series really is literature for all.

"Some people say that “money talks.” We agree! Our coins and bills tell us a lot about what is special about our country and people. In this book we give you the bottom line on how money was invented, how it came to our shores, how it’s made, and why it looks the way it does. Hang on, as we SHOW YOU THE MONEY–and get to know who and what’s in your wallet." Halo-Halo Histories


Cashaysayan A History of Philippine Money

Not only are Halo-Halo Histories educational they are also hilarious. I love how they used modern day culture as a bridge to connect to the past, for example the Facebook profile below of Elpidio Quirino. 


As you make your way through the book you'll find colorful indexes scattered about, documenting beautiful treasures from the past. 


I couldn't believe how much I learned about Philippine presidents, rulers and printing of money. I promise you, it is not boring. 


Happy reading folks! 

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You can visit Halo-Halo Histories interactive website here and purchase the books here

Momiform: Tsinelas

Momiform: Tsinelas

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