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Momiform: Tsinelas

Momiform: Tsinelas

My level of ‘Fun Amber’ and ‘Fun Mom’ goes up exponentially when I dress appropriately for the occasion. It seems ridiculous that I still use the 'heat' as an excuse not to do certain activities outside, but for reals guys, it's sobra mainit. Last year I began challenging myself to wear more play appropriate clothing. That’s why you’ll find me in flexible clothing (hello sports bra most days) and sandals on my ‘Mom’ days and most likely jeans and a t-shirt on other days. Sometimes these days coincide but usually everyday you will find me in sandals, one of my most favorite #PerksOfPinas. 


Give me a beach, church or family pictures and you will find me in sandals.

*Why are you seeing this post about clothing on here? I am often asked about being a mom in the Philippines, usually this is a foreigner who is researching about their upcoming move to Manila. It may seem silly but if you move from a colder climate to here being a playful mum can prove difficult so I thought I would share a tip that has helped me be more present and active with my dudes.


Honest to goodness, I don’t remember ever owning a pair of Tevas before two years ago. They were a hardcore 90’s shoe but I was busy staying true to strictly Nike during that time. So I was super stoked to see them trending again a few years ago and I may have gone a little bonkers; I own three pairs now. I love them because they can get wet, are durable through hikes, riding bikes, wearing them and even dressing them up a bit with a skirt. They are my favorite travel shoe because they are light and really the only pair of shoes I will need for a week long trip. 

teva leather.jpg
teva leather .jpg
white sands
teva white sands.jpg
teva white.jpg

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned that I wear them in family photos.

Me, Mom, Little Sister

I ordered three pair of Tevas through Lazada once for an amazing price, 600php per pair. Sadly, only one pair was the correct size and the other two weren't even close to the right size. I also heard that Res|Toe|Run and R.O.X. carries Teva sandals. I bought my leather pair and white pair from They are the Teva Universal Slide which I love because they have no back strap. *There is a sale on my favorite pair here


Salt Water Sandals|

Salt Water Sandals are another classic that have made a huge come back. These are perfect for mom-ing in warm weather because of their cute factor and practicality. They are another perfect travel show for being light weight and versatile. I am also crushing on their new designs and colors. Bonus: Salt Water Sandals are found here locally!

salt water.jpg

I even peaked a hike once in these bad boys in Sedona! It sort of trashed them after so I don’t recommend doing it BUT it can be done.

salt water red.jpg

If you are moving to Manila or live here already have you had to change your wardrobe at all? What is your go-to Momiform?

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