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Beach Mountains and Back For More

Beach Mountains and Back For More

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Beach. Beauty. Boobs. Mountains. Pools. Rivers. Lizards. Rice. Nature. Swings. TV. Shakes. Green.

This string of words may seem random but they perfectly sum up our family trip to Daluyon Mountain Beach Resort.  Follow along bellow (I know you're curious about boobs!) and as the title suggests, Daluyon was so good we adjusted our itinerary and cut our time in El Nido short to return and enjoy Daluyon a bit more. 

scenic walk.jpg

Daluyon Resort is a perfect sized property. You can comfortably walk between all the amenities. 


I have a pretty good camera and live in the Instagram age, so my photos aren't atrocious but even despite my lack of skills the beauty at Daluyon makes almost every photo a show stopper. "Daluyon, the resort that makes even the ugliest of photos beautiful."

scenic ll.jpg

Our view from our first room. We loved Daluyon so much we stayed there twice. We actually cut our El Nido trip two days early to head back to Daluyon. 


So much green, so much nature. Daluyon is perfectly situated in front of the celestial blue waters of Sabang and backs up to a large green mountain range sprinkled with jagged limestone cliffs.

scenic lll.jpg

A short jaunt and you find yourself at a pristine beach .

scenic l.jpg

View from the beach back to the resort. 


If our trip was charted on a pie chart the pool would own the biggest slice. We swam, we ate, we played, we swam, we slept, we swam. Repeat. Even with other guests at the pool it never felt crowded.

*BOOBS - Daluyon attracts a lot of European patrons so on occasion there may be some topless ladies at the pool. It was unexpected because... hello, we are in the Philippines, but we somehow, and I dare might say gracefully, tackled this cultural lesson with three small boys in tow. Phew! 

pool view lll.jpg

On the pool grounds is where we spent most of our days. 

pool view v.jpg

Come to momma!

pool view llll.jpg
kiddie pool.jpg


Hands down the nicest beach we have been to in the Philippines. Reasons why: clean sand, not crowded, small waves, warm and clear water and no boats parked in front. 

beach v.jpg

Run free my children!

beach l.jpg


is this real life?

Remember how I said photos are so beautiful they look fake? Exhibit 1. 

beach ll.jpg
beach lll.jpg


We are a family of mountain lovers. The view from the beach or hotel room with a mountain in the background was perfection. 

beach llll.jpg


beach vl.jpg



You can read about our Sabang Zipline experience very soon!


river l.jpg

You can read about our Underground River Tour here


Palawan is home to the Philippine Monitor Lizard and Daluyon has one such green, scaly resident. The boys loved feeding the hotel pet each morning. Did you know they could swim?

monitor lizard.jpg
feeding the fish.jpg


I don't quite know what it was but the hummus at Pakiwan has me craving it still at home! Make sure you ask for a side of fresh tortillas and chopped vegetables. As with any beach side restaurant in the Philippines, sticking to the local dishes is always the best option. Do yourself a favor and order the herb crusted catch of the day on mashed potatoes! 

food l.jpg
food ll.jpg
food lll.jpg


Vacay mode = watch tv when it's dark. #judgeme We party all day so we can shack up in our casita at night and watch cartoons. The Garden Casita was our second accommodation and is the money spot. It is a single level tucked away in the back of the resort and is massive! One of my favorite perks of Daluyon is that each room has two mattresses under the main bed - score! We all slept super comfortably. 

garden casita.jpg
room detials lll.jpg

Every room has a porch with a table and chairs for full nature relaxation. 


While Daluyon is very green with color it is also environmentally green. A few details that stuck out to me where the open air windows (although every unit has a nice powerful ac), Kleen Kanteen reusable water bottle to use during your stay, energy efficient lighting systems and my personal favorite, woven baskets for the rubbish and laundry. Daluyon has married the concept of sustainability and luxury superbly. 

Daluyon's green efforts are impressive and have not gone unnoticed, please see their awards here

room details l.jpg
room details.jpg
bathroom details


I am not shy about pointing out that customer service at Philippine hotels isn't always the greatest so I am always SUPER IMPRESSED when excellent customer service is presented. Clarenz, rooms manager, is phenomenal and has international training and understands the importance of a customer review. We were very well taken care of. Rolen and Kellsy in the kitchen were also very accommodating as well as the chefs. The check in/out process including payment was literally faster than checking out of a grocery store in Manila. Hallelujah for efficiency. 

And that my friends is why Daluyon was so nice we came back twice! 

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