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Sabang Zipline, Palawan

Sabang Zipline, Palawan

zipline family.jpg

Every family trip deserves an especially nerdy family photo, we had plenty this trip. 

Alright friends, here is the final post of the Palawan series. This trip already seems so far away and it was only a month ago! It can be difficult to mom-hard-core while traveling and capturing memories at the same time BUT despite the work I am so glad I have the photos and videos to remind me how great this trip really was. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see our fun video across the bay on a zip-line.) 

Our last day in Palawan we took a 5 minute truck ride from Daluyon to the end of Sabang Beach, followed by a short walk across the beach and capped it off with a 10 minute hike to the top of a small mountain. As we scurried across the warm sand we could see the zip-line extend across the beach- we were going to be zip-lining across the ocean! 

Off We Go 

kuya helps.jpg

The short activity was well organized and filled with very helpful employees. Kuya carried our bunso across the beach and up the whole hike. Hallelujah for kind Filipinos, I love this country! 

zipline sign.jpg

Gear Up

The zip-line was constructed recently so the materials and building space are well maintained and felt very safe. The workers who geared us up were all well trained and we felt secure! They even made sure we felt comfortable with how much weight the zip-line was equipped for (hint: it far exceeded anyone in our family and probably yours too.)

gearing up.jpg

My little adventurers

Ready to go!

aaker in helmet.jpg
ozzie is ready to go.jpg
wells in helmet.jpg

Our kids love zip-lines! One of the first zip-lines they ever went on was the Mt. Samat zip-line. Every summer at the family ranch in Arizona they also go crazy riding the zip-line at Grandma's house. 

boys watching zip.jpg

I spy

I spy with my little eye, a very brave seven year old. 

going down.jpg

After our adventure we topped it off with a fresh mango shake. There are heaps of vendors waiting to sell you a deliciuos cold beverage as you leave the hike, take advantage! 

fruit stand.jpg


mangga shake

Thanks to our hotel, Daluyon Mountain and Beach Resort, for organizing this epic adventure! These are memories we will keep forever, especially when my kids don't think I am fun anymore. All I have to do is show them the video. 

Press Play

Reservations for the zip-line can be made through Daluyon or contact Sabang Zip-line at this number 0926 670 4410.

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