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Domuschola International School: The Most Affordable IB Program In The City

Domuschola International School: The Most Affordable IB Program In The City

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|IB Curriculum|

 Domuschola adheres to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) for Kinder to Grade 6 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) for Grades 11 and 12. These are internationally recognized models of excellence in curriculum development. If you have lived abroad for sometime, or if this is just the beginning, you should be familiar with IB schools. Most international schools are all affiliated with the IB curriculum which means as you transfer your children's lives around the world they will at least be having the consistency of an excellent curriculum. 

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Beyond the consistency, Domuschola has described perfectly why an IB curriculum is so desirable. 

'For 17 years, we have been promoting the lasting spirit of discovery and a lifelong enjoyment of learning. We maximize learning by exposing the children early on to real-life, day-to-day experience and tasks, making learning practical and experiential.'
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The goal of each IB’s programme is to develop students according to the IB Learner Profile. As IB Learners, students are developed and empowered to be Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective. These values represent the attributes valued by IB World Schools. Domuschola acknowledges that these attributes can help individuals become responsible members of both the local and global communities.

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You can read more about how Domuschol became and IB Diploma Programme here

|International Student Body|

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While Manila is set in the Philippines it is a very much a global city. Expats flock to Manila because of the ease of language and culture. I am not claiming there isn't hardship here, there most certainly is, but there are also perks to living here. One of those perks is having your children attend international schools. While many schools claim to be 'international' I would strongly suggest looking at the percentage of international students. Domuschola currently has a student body that is 30% foreign internationals. This percentage is made up of nationals from India, Korea, Chile, United States, Australia, Japan, China and a number of others. 

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Domuschola fosters a great learning environment as students strive to be knowledgeable and open-minded, working independently and in collaboration with others. Students learn to appreciate their own and others’ cultures, as well as the values and traditions. Students seek and evaluate from different points of views and are willing to grow from their experiences.


These three students are from three different countries. 

One of the most beautiful experiences one can have while living abroad is being a part of an international community. What our world needs are global citizens that embrace the differences between cultures and solve problems peacefully. International schools lend a hand to that. 

|Prime Location|

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What's the biggest complaint about Manila? Traffic! When choosing one's home you must also consider place of work and school location. Domuschola is located in Pasig which is very near a number of large international work hubs such as Asian Development Bank, Ortigas call centers, the Ortigas business district and just down the road from outsourcing mecca Eastwood (Libis). However, Domuschola is also located directly off the C-5 so you could zip back and forth from The Fort (BGC). A number of families and students value affordable and quality education that DIS offers. Many travel from Paranaque and Makati as well. 

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|Affordable Tuition|

One of the biggest hurdles for expats in Manila is finding quality education that doesn't cost more than the child's future undergraduate program, I am not kidding. Manila schools are expensive, flat out. If you are living in Manila without education being footed by your company I strongly suggest you look at Domuschola, you absolutely will not find a more established IB school with affordable tuition. In fact, they are so confident in their rates they have invited me to post them below! NO SCHOOLS in Manila do this! They want to get you hooked first and then drop the price tag on you, Domuschola is open from the beginning because they have full confidence in what they have to offer. 

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Domuschola caters to families with working parents. The tuition is set at a price range that allows for a growing middle class to send their child to a competitive international school without robbing them of finances for a college degree. DIS also has conference on Saturdays to cater to parents who cannot attend conferences mid-week. 

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tuition rates


While Domuschola has the essentials covered, it also has great extras. For example, the after school programs at Domuschola range from Robotics club, hip-hop, futsol to coding. The children can participate in the after school programs following their school day or opt out. DIS is also very well known for their summer programs. They offer fantastic music, dancing and acting courses plus a few physical activity courses such as basketball and futbol. These programs are not limited to only DIS students but are open to the public.

Another detail that adds richness to DIS is the Foundation Day. DIS has one Saturday a year dedicated to friendly competitions, an olympics of sorts. In these games, not just the children are involved but the families as well. Families come to celebrate and commence another successful year of the honey badgers. 

foundation day 2018

Since DIS is a smaller school and has a small student-teacher ratio they have the advantage of becoming a tight knit community. The students progress through the program together each year and families know each other very well. DIS also involves their parents and has very open communication with them. There are community meetings in which parents are invited to attend class workshops with resource speakers that add value to the discussion regarding the future of DIS. 

There you have it folks, an affordable and competitive education option in Manila that won’t break the bank.


Domuschola International School

13 Jose C Cruz Street Pasig City, Ugong Pasig 1604

(+632) 635.9743 /  (+632) 635.2002 / (+632) 650.3750 to 52 (+63) 927 651 5669

You can arrange a visit or send an email through the online form here.

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