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Human Nature is Good For All

Human Nature is Good For All

Today I am happy to share about a local company whose ethics walk the talk of an upstanding business and set a precedent for family support and greater common good for all.

Meet Human Nature|

Human Nature is a proud locally run and locally sourced body care company. I was a patron of their products before I knew anything about their strong moral code. Human Nature’s history began in 2008 when Anna Meloto-Wilk and her sister Camille noticed a growing trend of health and beauty products using Philippine ingredients. They were spending some time in the US raising support for Gawad Kalinga when a plan formalized for them to start a company in Anna’s home country, The Philippines. Anna and Camille began researching, and created the brand - Human Nature, eventually Anna’s husband Dylan would also join the team. You can read the inspiring timeline of their history here. Human Nature’s core tenets are Pro Philippines, Pro Poor and Pro Environment. They are pro Philippines by sourcing materials, labor and running their business in the Philippines to support the local work force and economy. The statement pro-poor rings slightly uncomfortable for me but as I have become more acquainted with the brand I have witnessed their commitment to raising the lower social class of farmers, warehouse workers, and many other jobs. One way they achieve this is by providing a heavily subsidized extended day care center to support working parents. I am super excited to share more about this fantastic daycare. 

Daycare For All|


Human Nature Daycare has age appropriate settings for different development stages

Human Nature Daycare Center is located one jeepney ride away from their flagship store and inventory factory on Commonwealth. I took the journey North last week to see the facilities and familiarize myself with such an inspiring movement. Co-Founder Anna Meloto-Wilks is driven to support working parents in the crucial tender years of their young children. The daycare ensures kids are safe and stimulated while parents can give their best at work. It also means parents get to be close by their kids even while working, which gives the family peace of mind.


A cooking class was being held during my visit

The daycare center was set up February 2019 and is already fulfilling its intended purpose. Housed in a residential neighborhood and accommodating children, the day care offers nursery and preschool education and daily care for extended hours while parents finish their work day. The cost of the daycare is heavily subsided and participants pay on a sliding scale according to their salary. Daycare participants pay 5-50% of the daycare costs and the rest is subsidized by Human Nature. UNBELIEVABLE. This allows working parents, especially single mothers, to have proper care provided for their children at a an incredibly low subsidized cost while they earn a regular and fulfilling paycheck. Human Nature are torchbearers in supporting working women and working parents. 

Education, Development, Safety|


Reading area includes local favorite, Adarna House Halu Halo


Life skill practice of handwashing


Tanya and Coco, the two power house women who developed and oversee the implementation of Human Nature Daycare

Human Nature Flagship Store|

After my visit to the day care center I stopped by the flagship store to see the whole line of Human Nature products and had myself a hay day! It was fabulous. Their items range in price but almost all are on the affordable spectrum. I loved this map on the wall which shows the location of sourced items all over the Philippines. 


Human Nature flagship store is so neatly organized and well stocked


Store clerks are well versed and well prepared to support you during your shopping experience

Happy to see local Filipino Elemi (Pili Nut) oil front and center in the new beauty line, Radiant Grace and Pullution Face Care System


Locally Sourced In The Philippines|

On display is the map of the Philippines show casing all the ingredients sourced in the Philippines and used in Human Nature products. Galinga, di ba?


Human Nature didn’t forget about your furry friends!

Refilling Station|

BEHOLD! A refillable station at the flagship store. You can now refill Dishwashing Liquid (Grapefruit-Orange & Lemon-Calamansi), Liquid Detergent, Baby Liquid Detergent and Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser. Read more about the refill station here and also support Human Nature’s petition for more refillable stations nationally. Sign the petition!


The Beauty Line|

Human Nature has recently expanded their beauty and make up line. The flag ship store has a beautiful designated corner for you to try on and see what works best for you. It really is a nice shopping area.


All the oils on display which are used in the makeup and beauty line

Human Nature is leading a revolution on all fronts, I proudly support this local Filipino company. I stand amazed and inspired at their efforts. The more we learn about the Philippines the more connected we feel and that connection allows us to make our corner of the country a better place. May we all do our part.

Kita Kita,


*This is not an affiliated post, I want to commend local companies for doing such incredible work to raise up all Filipinos. It is a great honor to share about Human Nature on my small platform but anything to give awareness to.

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