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Salo Salo sa Yelo Yelo

Salo Salo sa Yelo Yelo


When suman sealed the deal for my affinity towards the Philippines a whole new world opened up. Suman was the bridge that connected me to Filipino food and I had a whole new world and kilograms (goodbye waistline!) to discover. Halo-Halo was another mountain I needed to climb as it can be quite intimidating to someone who has zero experience with such a mixture of foods. Lucky for me, Yelo Yelo, a new ice cream shop in Quezon City has mixed the two worlds together: Mangga’t Suman! That’s right, a suman halo-halo.


Errands planted me and my eldest in UP Town Center’s neighborhood and Yelo Yelo has been on my list so off we went for a sweet and cold merienda. The choices are all delicious combos such as Mango Float, Choco Pop and Suman Turon. Yes, suman IN turon and topped with pinipig! I really would like to try them all plus they’re super sulit (affordable) as well. None of the premier desserts are more than 130phP and the portions are for sharing as well. Kuya A and I ordered 2 main desserts and suman turon adding up to around 300 php.



So if you find yourself in the area, or Halo Halo has been on your list of foods to try, Yelo Yelo is a must. The best way to start eating Filipino cuisine is when someone takes your hand and crosses the bridge with you. I am happy to be that person for you. :)

Taralets Bagets!


Yelo Yelo

The Courtyard, Ground Floor, Phase 2, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

+63 9451522362
10am – 10pm

Workshop Time!

Workshop Time!

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