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Kawaii Finds At Landmark

Kawaii Finds At Landmark

I gotta hand it to Landmark, their paper goods and home section is going off these days! I am a sucker for all things kawaii and Landmark somehow knows kawaii. It’s funny because it is such a large and diverse store but they have such cute finds! Find my favorites below. 


kawaii journals lll.jpg
kawaii journals ll.jpg

sketch + shibori notebook 50-100 php

kawaii journals.jpg

plant notebook 150php + under the sea notebook 50php

kawaii notebooks ll.jpg

flora & fauna set of 3 notebooks 100php


kawaii stickers.jpg

stickies range from 50php -100 php

Washi Tape|

kawaii tape.jpg

around 40php per roll

Reading Bench|

This isn't technically 'kawaii' but I couldn't resist it when I was kawaii shopping at Landmark. The boys room the last year seems to always be in transition and now they are officially all in one bedroom. Now we have a reading nook + an at home library in our new spare bedroom. So far, we are all loving the dedicated cozy reading space.  

reading corner from afar.jpg

A perfect bench for our reading nook

carabao head: flying ducthman, poster: papemelroti, bench: Landmark 6k php, floor cushion: inspiration seekers, pillows: myanmar + marikina palengke tailor

reading corner library details.jpg

Our home library 

reading corner library.jpg
reading corner library peacock chair.jpg

basket: dapitan, la luna poster: etsy + wonder photo print, peacock chair: amommabroad x pottly n tubby.

I have always had a weakness for kawaii items, it's no wonder I've lived in Asia the last decade of my life. However, now Manileño's don't have to travel all the way to Japan for kawaii finds, we can just hop on over to Landmark. 

Kita Kita Tita's,


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