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Lazy Mom Hack: How To Throw A Last Minute Birthday Party

Lazy Mom Hack: How To Throw A Last Minute Birthday Party

Let me teach you a very silly American term: twofer.

two-fer /ˈto͞ofər/; nounINFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN. An item or offer that comprises two items but is sold for the price of one.

Today you get a twofer blog post, two lazy mom hack birthday party guides! Lucky you, one party guide is for children and the other is for yourself. But for both, you can use these handy tips.

Tips For Throwing A Lazy Mom Party:

  1. Have A ‘Party Box’. That’s right, this lazy mom is actually a practical prepared mom, did I fool ya? I am prepared so I can be lazy and practical when it comes to party time! Back to the point, I keep a ‘Party Box’ at my house at all times. The contents of this party box almost always stay the same and include, banners, party hats, plastic and paper ware, candles and sometimes invitations. I can literally have a party thrown together in 5 minutes. The best part about this is that I reuse the same party hats and decor for years.

  2. Outsource The Food. Do not slave in the kitchen all day, especially on the day of the party. Kids only want to eat junk food anyway and don’t care about how ‘organic’ or beautifully plated something is, give them what they want. What they want is usually pizza and gregarious amounts of juice. 

  3. Outsource The Fun. Are you noticing a theme here? If you’re living space is small head out somewhere fun. I love living in the Philippines where class parties, well all parties in general, are a big deal. I let my son decide if he wants a class part or an at-home party but not both because this momma doesn’t have the bandwidth or money for both. This year we headed to Jump Yard with 6 friends and it was the easiest the birthday party I have organized this far in my mom career. 

  4. Use E-vites For Invitations. Kids really love getting paper invitations but since I was a little late send out paper invitations we did them electronically. I knew exactly who received the invitation and if they were coming. It was so easy! 

  5. My biggest tip of all: Plan Everything Last Minute. That’s right, you read that correctly. Planning last minute doesn’t leave you copious amounts of stress. I say this tongue in cheek but for this stage of my life it’s been working pretty well. I know I will have other stages of motherhood that allow me to be Tiger Mom and create a masterpiece birthday but until then, my kids are happy and so am I. 

Kid’s Party|

paper supplies.jpg

Paper Supplies

I keep paper supplies on hand in my ‘Party Box’ and use as needed. I picked these up at Daiso last year.

table set up.jpg

paper ware from Daiso, plastic ware from SM Hypermarket

R0001039 (1).jpg

Cake from a cake box we bought at Landers month in advance. Kids really only taste one flavor: sugar. Don’t stress about presentation/taste, just give them want they want. Ha!


goodie bags from my ‘party box’ and they are 8 years old (yes, I probably should have already used them)

birthday boy.jpg

Outsource The Food

Landers hot dogs and pizza for the win!


huge balloons from Divisoria


Outsource The Fun

Kids really love playing so off to Jump yard we went.

Mom Party|

I turned 34 this year and have never been more tired in my life. With extreme exhaustion comes liberation, a liberation only earned from being so stretched. This year I did exactly what I wanted for my birthday, I threw myself a Zumba birthday and invited friends. It was easy and one of the funnest birthdays I have had. I started attending Anytime Fitness at Tiendesitas and was fortunate enough to attend the Twiinz Thursday night Zumba classes. It’s honestly a highlight of my week and I look forward to it every Thursday. Since it’s Manila and you can do anything here (joke lang) I decided to hire the Twiinz to teach a private class for my birthday. So one Friday last October I invited a group of friends to get down and boogie with me on my 34th birthday.





my sweet husband picked up feather boas for the party from Eneng’s in the ground level of MarketMarket


Outsource The Fun

Thirty-four, the year I did exactly what I wanted. Thanks to the Twiinz for the sing-a-long Zumba workout.

The function hall we had the Zumba class on was right next to a park so the kids played while the moms got down and dirty. After the workout we went to the park for a relaxed picnic, it was so simple and perfect.


box of sweets by punky porca sent these spooky treats earlier in the week and I decided they would be perfect for the kids who came to the party


during the workout Chanda ran to Landers to pick up pizza, juice and fruits


my sweet fairy was kind enough to send a tres leches cake for my birthday! the real star of the show is her herbed dip - OMG it is to die for

what would a party be without good friends?

I once attended a party where the host requested donations for a local orphanage instead of gifts, I decided to give it a try and I think it is something I will do forever. I asked a local orphanage and women’s home what they were in need of and asked my guests to bring those specific items. Thank you generous friends!


If you are like me and find yourself to busy to create the Pinterest inspired party have no fear, happiness still awaits! I hope this was helpful and that you always find what you’re looking for. Manila really is a magical place that can create fun and unique experiences.

Kita Kita,


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