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Legoland Hotel

Legoland Hotel

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far view hotel.jpg

You know that place you would venture to as a child that was made from your imagination? The place where reality was all your favorite toys, colors and people found in one magical place? Would you believe me if I told you it was real? The Legoland Hotel incepted imaginations everywhere and turned them into a reality. I am talking elevator disco parties, pirate beds, treasure hunts, tiny Lego, huge Lego, magic shows, a sea of Lego, a Lego inspired buffet, Lego torches to light the way. It's all here and you should experience it for yourself! 

family in front of hotel.jpg

Larger than life Lego figures

Details and Charm

Even the lobby of the hotel is filled to the brim with details and unmistakable charm. The lobby alone is worth a visit.  

lego bike guy.jpg

To keep you busy while checking in, admire the magnified installation of mini-figs located directly behind the clerks assisting your check-in. 

lego boat.jpg

A sea of Lego and a pirate ship to sail upon it. 

aaker in lego.jpg
wells plays lego.jpg
lego boat ll.jpg
ship maiden.jpg
lego castle ll.jpg
lego castle l.jpg

This castle was remarkable! 

building area.jpg

Play spaces are everywhere at the hotel. This one is located near the restaurant. 

Ultimate Sleepover

The room was an experience unlike any other. We had the pirate themed room complete with a scavenger hunt and all. The children solved a few easy questions to gain a number code that unlocked the chest containing Lego for all three of the boys. Inside the treasure chest was a small pack of Duplo, Lego and a mini-fig key chain. 

main room wells on bed.jpg
treasure hunt l.jpg
treasure hunt ll.jpg
bunk bed lll.jpg

That expression is sheer joy for their pirate bunks and finally being on the top bunk! He sleeps on the bottom bunk at home :(

window view.jpg
Oz admires.jpg

Admiring the view

main room l.jpg

Every time I looked around I noticed more details

A box of Duplo is provided in every room to strengthen creativity and imagination. 

wells plays
bunk beds ll.jpg

Even the toiletries are Lego! 

Order To Chaos

Travel can really throw schedules out the window but I like to hold on to some order by keeping our belongings organized. Packing cubes, Yum Boxes, one pair of shoes and individual backpacks (we love these little ones from here and here) are my travel go-to. 

packing cubes.jpg

The Legoland Hotel may have been my personal favorite part of the whole trip. It is an absolute must and a total experience. 

Press Play 

Things To Know:

  • We booked our travel only a week in advance and I still felt for the quality of hotel we paid an affordable price. I know if you book in advance you can get better deals.

  • Purchase park tickets when you book your hotel stay as add on as they usually have the best deals.

  • The breakfast was inclusive in the booking and was a large international buffet.

  • The buffet dinner was on the pricey side costing 25USD, even for children.

  • There is a strip mall just outside Legoland hotel that has fast food and other restaraunt options.

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Legoland Malaysia

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