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Legoland Malaysia Waterpark

Legoland Malaysia Waterpark

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That's right y'all, a LEGOLAND WATERPARK! This water park is all about the experience! Lego imagination stations are scattered all over the park to inspire creativity and then bring your creations to life with water! Here's a photo story of our memorable morning at the park. 

My Water Babies Are Ready To Party 

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They Have Thought Of Everything 

Are you prepared for what I am about to tell you? Legoland Waterpark sells a toddler ticket for 2.60 USD (that's right!) PLUS, PLUS, they give you TWO, TWO, FREE, yes FREE swim diapers! Can I get an amen!? Not only that, life vests are free and fully loaded at all times in the center of the park. I was one happy momma! 

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Joke Soaker

Located in the middle of the park is the Joker Soaker and where my boys spent a majority of their time. This play area was perfect for my two, four and seven year-olds. The slides ranged from small to large and were easy for kids to scale. Plus, multiple lifeguards were posted around the structure. 

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DUPLO Safari Splash

This attraction is great for the smaller children and has a building station very near so the older kids can be entertained as well. I appreciated that they had this area mostly covered from the sun. 

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Build A Boat

While his big brothers rode the big slides, baby brother built and raced and built and raced. Everyone was happy especially for me because I could keep track of everyone with ease. 

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build a boat l.jpg
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Big Slides

There are a number of large slides for older kids. For many of the rides you can do single or double and a lifeguard is at the top and bottom of each slide to assist.

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big slides.jpg
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Dining Options

We had a yummy and affordable lunch (8 USD) at Beach Grill. I couldn't get enough of the Milo or Ribena (black currant soda) this trip. I had another Nasi Lemak (national dish of Malaysia) for good measure. 

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We came, we swam, we conquered! I give Legoland Waterpark two thumbs way up. This waterpark was easy to manage and just the right size, not too big and not too small. 

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Things To Know:

  • Legoland Waterpark is open 10 am - 6/7pm (closing varies)

  • Entrance is 25USD and 2.60USD for toddlers (inclusive of two swim diapers)

  • Download the map here

  • You could easily spend a morning to noon at the waterpark and then finish your afternoon at the main park.


For Transparency: A Momma Abroad partnered with Legoland Malaysia to bring you the ultimate experience and show that you need not travel too far or spend too much money to have a fine theme park experience. All opinions are my own.

Legoland Hotel

Legoland Hotel

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