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One Shoe, Two Shoe, Three Shoe, Four: A Day In Liliw

One Shoe, Two Shoe, Three Shoe, Four: A Day In Liliw

Pilipinas, you crazy! I thought Marikina was the shoe capital of the Philippines but I beg to differ that Liliw is actually where the money shoes are at. I have visited the Shoe Museum, one of the few places I blogged about that I do not recommend going to, and I have blogged about Marikina a number of times. Despite all my trips to Marikina I never actually bought shoes or had them made, I cannot say the same for Liliw. 


my picks from our stop in Liliw, plus a personalized pair from Tapak Pinay

While traveling home from a glorious weekend away at Graceland, located in Lucban home of the famous Pahiyas Festival, we had the genius idea of stopping in Liliw to see the offerings. Liliw is a town located in Laguna province and is well known as the Tsinelas Capital. Liliw is best known for its cold water spring resorts, native homemade sweets and an impressive shoe industry.

Shoes A Plenty|


can you believe it? this is just one shop among the dozens

Hay Naku, we were in for a treat. Located on the main avenue San Pablo (corners of 3rd & 4th) Road of Liliw you will find shops a plenty, you don’t have to work hard to find a number of choices. What you do have to work hard on is practicing self restraint to not buy all the cute shoes! 


footiful, one of the shops pictured above


tita jenny, our beloved friend, in pure heaven!

We happened to stop in the rain and I literally bribed my kids with screen time for each shop we visited. They totaled 50 minutes of screen time for the drive back - every body is a winner!


My Picks|

I ended up bringing home 3 new pairs of shoes with me. The shoes are super sulit, I would suggest going in with a plan or you could get easily carried away. The quality varies, some are better than others. Be wise and know that if you are paying 33 pesos for tsinelas that is probably the quality you will get. The most expensive pair I bought was 300 pesos.


lady in red heels, 300 php


tsinelas 3 for 100php


rose pink leather sliders for 250php, yes please!

Native Homemade Sweets|

When leaving Liliw to head back to Manila promise me you will stop at Belen’s and try their espasol! Espasol is a soft glutinous rice dessert covered in toasted rice powder, it’s the bomb! Espasol is best when it comes from the southern part of Laguna province like Liliw or Lucban. You cannot go wrong!


Tapak Pinay|

Recently I came across a lovely brand, Tapak Pinay, and they customize shoes using local Filipino weaves! For those of you who won’t be making the long trek down to Liliw, I highly HIGHLY recommend a specialized pair from Tapak Pinay. The turn around and delivery from choosing my size, weave and style was less than a week! I cannot recommend them enough. And the price is supeerrrrrr sulit! Contact Tapak Pinay here.


Philippines, you hold my heart! I will never tier of exploring your treasures nor will my feet ever go bare after this recent trip. I love you forever!

Kita Kita,


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