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Friday Favorites: Mother's Day Edition

Friday Favorites: Mother's Day Edition

Cue the music! These are a few of my favorite things. 

Great, now that I have you singing, let me share a few of my favorite things, Mother's Day Edition. Below is a round up of some items I am currently loving that I think would make a great offering for the mommas out there. So, if you are a momma who needs to forward this on to your partner hit that forward button! If you are shopping for yourself, I salute the moms who take control. Ha! And if you are shopping for your own momma, I hope you find something nice. 

Chikahan At Piandre|

You know those classic movies that always have a seen of women at the salon together? Yeah, you know the one. They were always making chismis and talking about their men and children. I understand now why women did this, it is seriously fun! I usually spend hours on podcasts until my ears hurt or mindlessly scrolling Instagram during my hair appointments. However, this particular day at Piandre we had a Mother's Day Makeover at Piandre and it was unexpectedly the best salon day ever!  

piandre .jpg

I met up with Marie and Krystle and were fortunate enough to have my friend Marla coincidentally join at the same time! We each had different treatments at Piandre and a major chikahan fest to pass the hours by. I can't believe I have never done this before. In fact, I don't know if I can ever go back to having hair appointments alone. Salon ladies or bust!

piandre l.jpg

Marla and I have been trying to get together for months and today by sheer luck was our day. Looks like we need to just make out hang out sessions at Piandre

piandre ll.jpg

Seriously, who looks this good with wet hair wrapped in a towel?

Finished na! Feeling so kikay. 

piandre lll.jpg

Krystal had a conditioning treatment to freshen up her dyed ends. 

piandre v.jpg

Marie had a nice gloss and color to cover her gray roots. I would never know she had gray!

piandre vl.jpg

I went a bit more icey with my color and had a much needed trim by an expert stylist. 

And in case you are wondering, Piandre leveled up and now has a light ring in each location. Don't forget your selfie, we are in Manila after all. 

piandre llll.jpg

If you are looking for the perfect colorist, contact DM at Ayala 30th Piandre. 

Your Sunday Night Journal|

This last year I have been focusing on free writing to help get the juices flowing before I write a post. I have loved the focus of individual growth and gratitude by using my Sunday Night Journal, as you guessed, every Sunday night. It is something I look forward to, I have actually only ever missed one week so far this year. I have learned much about myself as it holds me accountable but allows me to focus on growth and gratitude. This is a perfect companion for anyone, but especially moms who are always giving to others. It is a treat to slow down and focus on self. 

sunday night.jpg
sunday night l.jpg

photos courtesy of Sunday Night Journal

Fruits In Bloom|

If your mum doesn't love flowers, go for chocolate! Fruits In Bloom is a local edible arrangement that is affordable and delivers fast! The hand written note from FIB was quite possibly the kindest note I have received since starting A Momma Abroad. Anyone who pays attention to detail like them deserves all the success that comes their way. You can order Fruits In Bloom online here

fruits in bloom

What is better than a boqeut of flowers? A bouquet of chocolate, duh. 


At 33 years, I bought my first piece of real jewelry last month, for myself. I do not count accessories from Forever 21 or the sale section of Anthropologie as mature jewelry. I had been eyeing the stylish sisters, Leona and Char's, stackable sets for some time and with money I actually made from blogging I bought myself a bonafide piece of jewelry from local jeweler, Joyeria. The stackable sets are affordable but for me, it was the minimalist simplicity of them that I love. I have actually been wearing just one individual ring as opposed to all three for a more simple and delicate wedding band. Don't wait until your wife buys her own jewelry, get on it na!


photos courtesy of joyeria

Scentful LIving|

If you are looking for a gift that doesn't stop when flowers fade, an aromatic diffuser from Scentful Living is the perfect gift. The packaging alone is enough to make your heart skip a beat. I personally know the mixologist who create these products and they are thorough professionals who use top quality materials. You can order the special Mother's Day Box by emailing

bc l.jpg

The most elegant package full of decedant flower. 

Cookie Bar Manila|

For the moms who have more of a sweet tooth, this epic pull apart cookie heart is yours for the taking! You would be hard pressed to find a missing candy group from this ornate dessert. Ivorie, of Cookie Bar Manila puts a bit of extra love into each of her pieces. You can even customize the message on the heart cookie. Contact 09175551228 through SMS for orders. 

cookie bar manila.jpg

Bubba Doodles|

You guys, Bubba Doodles has to be the most precious gift I have ever received. I literally get to wear my kids art as a bracelet and necklace. Each one tells a story that makes my momma heart kilig. I love these pieces right now, but thinking of what they will mean in the future is even more prized. You can custom order a jewelry piece of your children's art here.


I don't need to worry about what to do with my kids art, I will happily wear it. 

Support Grace To Be Born With Tully The Movie|

Over the last few years I have been able to work with a birthing center and orphanage in Pasig called Grace To Be Born. I just had small projects irregularly but they always welcomed me with open arms. A local moms group, Momshies of Manila, have put together a special showing of Tully at Robinsons Galleria this Saturday at one pm and I will be there among others to show support for this amazing foundation and these resilient children and young mothers. Come watch an honest movie about motherhood, I am so super stoked for this movie, and support an incredible cause while you’re at it. I’d love to meet any of you who come. You can purchase tickets for the event with this link


Photo from May 2017 of the older cuties from Grace To Be Born who have now moved on to their adopted families.

Tully 3.jpg

Happy Mother's Days!

Motherhood can be a thankless job, please know that I value our unseen efforts and raise a glass in our honor! 

kita kits,


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