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A Few Favorite Things: Travel Edition

A Few Favorite Things: Travel Edition

boys waiting.jpg

Waiting Game

It doesn't matter how much you plan or prepare there will always be bumps in the road when it comes to travel. Recently, I have found these following items to aid in the craziness of my traveling circus. 


Passport Hack

Tape each end of the passport and add initials to keep organized

It took me too many years to finally figure this trick out. Plus, when I put them in my momiform fanny pack they are so easy to store and grab!



travel stroller, backpack, duffle bag

This is all the gear I took for an international six day family trip of four people. Until recently, I didn't understand what a luxury a travel stroller is! We have used a second-hand double Maclaren for years and that was a huge help for a long time. I was given the Looping Squizz to put it to the test and it proved more helpful than my husband, I can say that because I know he won't read this. Ha! I got smarter with each flight and brought the stroller on board with me and stored it in the overhead compartment so I didn't have to wait and recieve it at baggage claim. If you are a travel fam I would suggest investing in a travel stroller, it isn't necessary but it is SO helpful.  

I won the backpack at a bloggy event and have totally gotten my moneys worth. That sucker is packed with one million compartments which is great because I stuff it full with electronics, cords, washi tape, mints- all the really important things. 

The duffle bag was a forced buy after TSA completely ruined our other suitcase during our travels last Christmas. So really, I should thank TSA for forcing us to actually purchase a new travel bag. TSA is sooooo helpful. 


kids backpackll.jpg

Child's Backpack

Each child packs a few things for the trip to keep them entertained. Books, toys, flashlight, sweater.

Here's a Mommy Mundo plug because I love her and was really impressed with the selection and large discounts at Expo Mom last month. I tried for a long time to force my children to like the trendy FJÄLLRÄVEN but lets be honest, they don't care, like at all. And yes, they are wearing them in the top photo because...trendy+cute+pinterest+Instagram. Duh. Kids love animals, soft things and small bags that actually fit their bodies! I picked up the two neoprene animal backpacks on the right from QRose Philippines at the Expo Mom for a wicked discount. The little lion Marcus and Marcus backpack was a giveaway at a bloggy event. (Notice a trend, I get a lot of swag to work full time. #worthit #justkidding) 

Oz backpack.jpg

My little travel buddy.


Travel Stroller



Don't forget to pack your rain cover

boys waiting ll.jpg

More than a stroller. Also, more waiting...



the most compact and portable booster seat. if you look closely you will see oz is sitting on top of a flat booster and meets all u.s. and europe safety standards.

Our minds were blown when we got our hands on a MiFold. HOW DOES EVERY TRAVELING FAM NOT HAVE ONE? You guys, this is a game changer. The compact booster seat can even fit in your back pocket but also protect your childs life. Don't believe me, watch this! It is the ultimate travel car seat. I don't even want to think of the years we lugged our huge clunkers back and forth internationally. Hay naku. 



GETTING IT DONE. Our last trip to malaysia was all about survival. lucky for you, you don't come to this blog to see ootd's. tevas are coming back and they are the ultimate mom shoe. they can slip on, get wet and are durable. i picked up the belt bag at bench for like 300php and it was a lifesaver! camera strap so i can take all my sweet blog photos while attempting to make sure my kid doesn't fall off a cliff or get eaten by monkeys. you're welcome!

Instagram caption from our Malaysia trip:

As thrilling as traveling is, it can also be ugly. I love sharing the highlights but don’t be fooled that it’s all pretty pictures and smiley faces because it ain’t, if people say that don’t trust them! You’re lucky you can’t smell my hot sweaty mess through your screen. Things you didn’t see on social media: seven hour flight delay, exhaustion, vomit- so much barf and dirty clothes, yells, tears, tantrums. And my personal favorite, Oz peeing in a cup at a playground (unbeknownst to me) and in a water bottle on a three hour bus ride (known to me). *Adults also sometimes throw tantrums and shed tears.


I've decided that moms in the 90's had it best. Jumpsuits, fanny packs, teva's, zink, scrunchies. That is the ultimate momiform.

I bought my leather Teva's in The States last summer and was amazed to see them on Lazada here in Manila. I went crazy and bought three pairs (not leather) from Lazada, which I wouldn't recommend because they got all my sizes wrong but that's another story. Is there another place in Manila that sells Teva? 

Please, do yourself a favor and get yourself a pedicure before AND after your trip. I love Piandre because it is a swanky salon but pedis are cheap! 

boys uniform.jpg

Matchy Matchy

That's right, i treat travel like it's christmas morning and have my kids wear matching clothing while traveling.

Goo Goo & Gaga  makes really soft tees and the boys love them, they have for years! If you don't feel like completely dorking-out and dressing your kids in pajamas (like I did, look below) then go for something less in-your-face. 


Didn't believe me?These are literally their Christmas morning pajamas. We've already traveled in them a handful of times.

packing cubes.jpg

Packing Sets

embroidered packing cubes for the win!

I treat my three boys like triplets, they each have a color theme, animal and personalized items. I enjoy being organized and those simple tips help a sister out. Headsets are cheapies from Miniso, packing cubes from Pink Label Manila and are surprisingly affordable (around 300-400php per set), backpacks mentioned above and lunchboxes are Yumboxes mentioned below. 

hotel setup.jpg

Order in the chaos.This is how I like to organize the closets while on vacation. No, they don't stay this nice but I like having a somewhat organized space.


I always travel with our yum boxes, short or long travel they come with us.


A healthy snack plus a time killer.

milestone cards.jpg

Milestone Moments

I never got to use these when the boys were little so it has been fun to include these in their newer experiences like recently at legoland.

Given to me from Nest.Ph and I love them! I am not always on top of it enough to have the card in the photo so I am thinking I will easily add them to a picture book. Another plug for supporting my Filipina Entrepreneurs, the Nest.Ph is located in Pasig but is opening in the South this December! 



judge me.


Balikbayan Boxes

save weight and maximize space. Plus, one more step to becoming filipino!

Happy travels my friends! I hope yours contains a lot less urine and barf than mine. 

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