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Pilipino Library: All About The Philippines

Pilipino Library: All About The Philippines

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All About The Philippines is a book I wish I would have read and used as a reference from day 1 of life in Manila. While it is absolutely a children's book it is also an encyclopedia of all things Philippines. Since I am living here as a mom abroad, many of the lessons we are learning are as a family, not just from my adult perspective and experience. For me, learning from a child's perspective is almost more important so I can impart teachings to my #3PinoyBoys. 

Written by Gidget Roceles Jiminez and illustrated by Corazon Dandan-Albano, make your way through these bright colored pages as you learn stories, songs, crafts and games all about the Philippines. 


Stories, Songs, Crafts and Games For Kids

The pages read easy and flow as each topic builds onto the next. Starting with basic conversation vocabulary you are greeted with cultural lessons and progress seamlessly through a light history lesson. Building on each cultural lesson you begin to really get a sense of Filipino culture.

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The book really acts as an encyclopedia not missing weather, history of the flag, games, food, geography and even contains sheet music, talaga! We received All About The Philippines as a gift and I will definitely be keeping up the tradition. I often welcome new arrivals to Manila with pasalubong and will surely be adding this to the mix. 

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Being a foreigner in Manila it is easy to stay in a 'bubble' but even just a simple book like, All About The Philippines, can help you transition and assimilate in your new host country. The more you know about your host country the sooner you can start planting roots and really live here.  There is so much to love, start learning by flipping through these pages. 

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All About The Philippines can be purchased at National Book and Fully Booked. 

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