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Landers Super Store Arcovia: Tayo Na Sa Pasig!

Landers Super Store Arcovia: Tayo Na Sa Pasig!

I mentioned in a previous post that last year we looked at houses in Antipolo. I was dreaming of that provincial life but at the end of the day, I couldn’t pull the trigger and leave Pasig. Pasig is too convenient for our lifestyle. I love our neighborhood, access to great schools, can zip down to BGC or up to Marikina. Plus, I really love #OurPinaHome. So Pasig, I am yours forever and you just sealed the deal by opening the fifth Landers Super Store location right here in my town! Dare I say, Tayo Na Sa Pasig!? 

Landers Super Store is literally walking distance from my house. Notice how I didn’t say I walk there - ha! This mainit got me all kinds of hot. Since the opening on April 22 I have held a work meeting at Landers, a social gathering, grocery shopping and a lunch date with the boys. I love everything about Landers from their food court to their huge gracious aisles. It’s a happy place even if I don’t buy anything, it just feels good to be in the organization of it all.

Here are a few of my favorite picks from the new Landers Arcovia:

Home Decor|

When I enter an establishment that sells, well, pretty much anything I will always gravitate towards home decor items and Landers is no exception. I even bought our first ever recliner there. Landers has big ticket items like outdoor furniture or even plotted herbs for your kitchen. 


Cactus and house herbs 100php


Large Area Rugs 14,000php

ceramic tupperware

Ceramic Tupperware 1,300php


Outdoor Furniture

Food Items|

And yes, Landers carries food items! When Landers opened its first branch in Balintawak people were going crazy over the alcohol selection. I don't drink alcohol so I will let my friend Lily's face express her delight with the selection. One of the reasons I love Lander's so much is for their organization. I love walking through large hallways and having items neatly organized. You can thoroughly enjoy your shopping trip while picking up all your needs. 


Large selection, various pricing

lettuce .jpg

Eat your greens!


Cheese please!


Fresh Fish Selection

Hard To Find Items|

Staying true to the membership shopping experience, Landers carries hard to find imported items. For example, a first aid kit that I keep in the back of my car for emergencies, milk to crave my current addition and Dr. Teal epsom salt for post-delivery and other wounds. Dr. Teal's where were you after I delivered all my babies, huh? 

first aid kit.jpg

First Aid Kit

milk tea.jpg

Milk Tea

epsom salt.jpg

Epsom Salt

Family Dinner|

I mentioned earlier that I have held a work meeting, social gathering and a family dinner now! We brought board games and had pizza, hamburgers and then ice cream as a family. Seems kinda weird but it was actually super convinient and cheap talaga. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.21.24 AM.png

Board games and ice cream

family dinner landers ll.png

Wells devours a burger

workspace landers.JPG

My ideal workspace at Landers, no kids and bright light. 

Women Be Shopping| 

Watch out, shopping with girl friends means you have a barkada of enablers!

women be shopping.JPG

There you have it, Pasig really does have it all! I'm never leaving. 

Kita kits,


P.S. a little secret: skip the masses and buy and renew your Landers membership online. Boo yah! 

Arcovia City, Barangay Ugong, 
Pasig City Manila
Telephone Number:819-7065 / 819-7066

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