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Pinoy Halloween 2017

Pinoy Halloween 2017

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Philippines? My first thought is suman (ha, are you surprised?) and then followed quickly by a jeepney. The jeepney is an iconic part of Filipino culture and history.

For Pinoy Halloween 2017, following suit with everyday magic of the Philippines, I give you my #3PinoyBoys and a jeepney.


I know this one is kinda cheesy but the boys like the idea so we went for it. My husband reused a cardboard presentation folder to make the jeepney cutout. With a bit of spray paint and my cutting machine we made this for completely free. You could definitely make a small facade and attach it to a play car and then the jeepney would be mobile!


The boys had noticed jeepney drivers holding money through their fingers before but Oz overheard us talking about how some of the drivers hold coins in their ear and this translated to money behind the ear. Make sure your bills are nice and crinkled! 


The Outtake

DSC07049 (1).jpg


DSC09888 (1).jpg

Last year I had a bit more time on my hands and really went for it. The security guard, magtataho, sorbetero and now jeepney driver are all so iconic to my Manila life. I hope we never overlook the efforts and charm of these Filipino staples. 

DSC09801 (1).jpg
DSC09819 (1).jpg
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DSC09841 (1).jpg


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