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Pinoy Halloween 2019

Pinoy Halloween 2019

I can’t believe this will be our FOURTH Pinoy Halloween. I love Halloween and I love the Philippines and this is one of my favorite posts of the year. To be honest, I feel pressure starting around August for the costumes - ha! The inspiration for this years theme came pretty late, like two weeks ago. After the new launch of the DOT x Jolibee #EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines, it made sense that the iconic brand be the theme this year.

Without further adieu, we give to you:

Pinoy Halloween 2019

Jollibee and his Mini Managers


For any foreigners reading this post, Jollibee is a Filipino institution. It is a cornerstone in Filipino cuisine serving sweet spaghetti and Chicken Joy to millions each year. If you haven’t attended a Jollibee party, you haven’t lived yet! The beloved food chain started in the late 1970’s as an ice cream parlor which began serving hot meals and within a year had 7 locations in Metro Manila. It became a franchise and has blown up since then with 1,200 locations globally.


The two younger boys are very much into the ‘Pogi Pose’ at the moment.

Rounding up the costumes was pretty easy. The Jollibee costume itself I purchased on Lazada from an independent seller, it was not cheap. In fact, it was mahal pero, it’s Pinoy Halloween! I panicked this last week and was able to find Mini Managers costumes on Shoppe and Carousell for mura lang and had them delivered the same day. In fact, one of the sellers I purchased the costume from knew who I was from Instagram and was so helpful. Oh Manila, you crazy.


those little wings in the back are to die for


kain na tayo!


the boys favorite part of the costume was the stinger on the striped knickers


the hand over the face makes me snort laugh


the little bee detail on the collar is too sweet

Who Wore It Best?

The boys each had fun trying the costume on. I was surprised how much they loved it and think this really will be a family heirloom na.


I love Halloween, the Philippines and crafting, so Pinoy Halloween really is something I look forward to every year. I learn more about our host country and the culture in a super fun way. Bida ang saya, it really is a joyful experience.

Kita Kita,


a huge maraming salamat po to the Jollibee staff at the Metropoli location in Libis. They graciously opened the second floor for us and let us use the party room with out a reservation. thank you thank you thank you for accommodating us unannounced!

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