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Plant Center, Green Meadows Quezon City

Plant Center, Green Meadows Quezon City

Perks Of Pinas: Life in the tropics! (pssst: need a Manila pick me up check #perksofpinas on Instagram.) And life in the tropics gives us city dwellers the gift of flora and fauna right here in our urban jungle. Manila is so dense you could drive right by hidden gems in your own neighborhood (I certainly did) like this awesome garden center. I passed by it without even a second thought, not noticing it's abundance for years. A friend shared a photo of this wonderland and I was hooked, time to explore! 

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The large property is owned by one family and each different greenhouse and store is owned by a different member of the family. Most of the plants come the family's property in Bulacan. You will find a number of different green houses with a massive variety of plants, blooms and trees. Disclaimer: I read somewhere that you feel more connected to your community when you know the wildlife around you. Welp, it's time I should learn but until then, you get photos with unidentified plants- sorry! 

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No need to drive all the way down to Tagatay to get fancy planters and ceramic stools, just head on up to QC. The terra cotta planters are having their landscape heyday and these are only 450 php; You cannot beat that price and size! The colored vases/stools ranged fro 2,000-4,00php. 

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Tucked all the way in the back of the plant center is what we like to call a secret garden. I'm totally bringing my dudes up here to run around. But important things first, get yourself some sarap siomai from Golden Chopsticks (located in the plant center) and have yourself a little picnic. 

secret garden.jpg
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You pass the same places day after day: on your way to work, going to the market, or walking to the coffee shop and back again. Next time you go out, take a really good look around you. Chances are you'll see things you wouldn't normally notice.

Kita kits,


Plant Center - if you are using Google Map or Waze place your destination as Christ The King church.

Located right next to Christ the King Parish on Green Meadows Drive Quezon City

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