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Get Your Berde On!

Get Your Berde On!

It's February folks, that means New Years resolutions have fizzled up and found refuge in your muffin top. Joke lang! But seriously, let's talk about food and eating out for a minute. Manila is a place where social activity revolves around food. Communal eating is a large part of Filipino culture, an aspect I am partial to because this girl loves to eat! Manila itself is a big city with limited outdoor activities so eating out is currency among friends, it's just 'what you do.' Here's the thing, your waistline doesn't have to suffer because of the limited choices of social gatherings. I was recently tipped off about Berde Bowls, a Filipino inspired salad bar and let me tell you, Go Get Your Berde On! It's so masarap, it's healthy and it's lokal! All things to love and support and hey, you might just revive that New Years resolution of healthy eating while you're at it.  

Easy as 1, 2, 3 

First things first, choose your predesigned bowl or create your own. According to this article, there are over 50 options! Woah momma. Full disclosure: I bought two! Ha. One to eat at Berde during my visit and another salad for later that evening. I have zero regrets. 


Healthy Pa More

The concept behind Berde is to spotlight lokal ingredients and cater to a Pinoy palate. All the while, keeping it healthy as opposed to imported or foreign options. Berde killed it with their menu. The vegetarian gising-gising is to die for! The mushroom monggo kare-kare is a fun new and healthy take on one of my favorite Filipino dishes. I was a huge fan of malunggay coconut pumpkin mash. 

food items ll.jpg
food items l.jpg

Drinks & Extras

Staying with theme, the drinks are berde are pinoy inspired using lokal ingredients. 


I am a sucker for details and Berde did not disappoint. Their brand is just as delectable as their food. I mean, look at their business card, talaga. The other detail that caught my eye was the cleanliness of the establishment. The open kitchen of Berde offered up treasures like this perfect pile of fresh cut calamansi. Their is a magic to the simplicity of wholesome food and Berde's got it. 

berde card.jpg
chalk sign.jpg
flat lay ll.jpg

Happy eating friends!

Kita kits,


Berde Bowls 

Opens at 11AM - want to beat the lunch time rush? They deliver, but only in Makati. 

02 7285046

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Salcedo Village, Makati City


Plant Center, Green Meadows Quezon City

Plant Center, Green Meadows Quezon City

Pilipino Library: EDSA

Pilipino Library: EDSA