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Confessions Of A Habitual Mall Rat: The New Podium

Confessions Of A Habitual Mall Rat: The New Podium


One step closer to becoming Filipino; malls have taken on a whole new meaning to me. They used to be a place of transactions. Sometimes they were a race, how fast can we get in and out - this is definitely still the case but not always. Manila isn’t know for her green spaces and parks but she is known for her malls. If there is one thing Manila does right, it’s her next level malls. Malls are a place of gathering for families and friends. The same palpable joy you feel at a family dinner you can feel at a mall here. Families flock to the mall to spend time together. I am still a nature girl at heart but I have become a full fledged mall rat and I don’t care who knows it. Up next in Confessions Of A Habitual Mall Rat is, the new Podium Mall. 

Podium reopened it's door last October and with it came a new sleek look, more space and a massive amount of choices! There is now a full SM grocery in the basement, my favorite work out, a delightful book store and so many food options. I suspect the food options came to meet the demand of neighboring ADB lunch time. If you are like me and get excited about book stores and a new mall, have a looksie below. 


I could not believe my eyes when I first entered Powerbooks, it was as if my Amazon cart was before my eyes. We can got most things in Manila but some hard to find children books always caused me to wait for our trip to the states each summer, no more! I have since been back to powerbooks every week, I even brought the kids and treat it like a library. I have found literacy curiosities, creative books, motivational and too many more in between. Powerbooks is definitely a happy place.  

outside of stoor.jpg
oz inspects.jpg

Curiously Engaged

book time

Book Time

I have started treating powerbooks like a library. we spend a lot of time searching and on occasion i will buy the kids a new book. 


There is no shortage of restaurants at Podium. On each level you will find a number of restaurants and they are completing an uber cute food court called the Corner Market that is set to open in the next few months. I am already planning to take the kids and let them each choose their own dining options. 

Nha EM Vietnamese Bistro


A surprising combo Japanese and Peruvian food that is pure magic. Holy cow, this meal blew us away and I cannot wait to go back and make my way through their menu. It is not cheap but it is aboslutely an experience. 


Starbucks Reserve

I know nothing about coffee but the fanciness of this place makes me think they certainly do



I was an avid Electric junkie until BGC traffic got the best of me. Lucky for me, Electric is back in my life thanks to them opening a new site at Podium. Hello favorite jeans, you may see my bum soon! 

electric l.jpg

Electric Is Back!

If you are wondering if I was ever one of those millennial who wore only a tank top to Electric the answer is a firm no. I leave that to the tight busted and taut tummies young gals. 


Kultura is literally my kryptonite. Pinoy handicrafts, baskets, foods, local skin care they have it all! Kultura is a market place of Filipino culture and the best part is that the prices are affordable. 


Perks of a mall rat, Podium sent me a heads up about their 3 day sale happening this week. And no, this post is not sponsored I am just that big of a mall rat. 


Happy Malling Friends!

Podium Mall

12 ADB Ave. Ortigas CDB

 (02) 6389781-85

Monday to Thursday
11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Friday to Sunday
10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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