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A Neighborhood Cafe + A Favorite Book

A Neighborhood Cafe + A Favorite Book

"I'll have the regular please." I've longed for those moments of having a place that knows my 'regular'. Living abroad can often take what you would call normal and dump it on it's head. A strong indicator for positive place attachment is developing regular hangouts and relationships with those spaces or individuals around you. It can be a farmers market, dog park or even a neighborhood cafe. Recently, I have been dropping my youngest two off at preschool, saying sayonara and hitting the road to clock out some alone time at a neighborhood cafe with a new favorite book. 

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stay a while

Manila is so diverse and often tucks away some of it's greatest secrets. Apero is a sophisticated cafe with a twist of bohemia. You already know I have a love for rattan and when my eyes met the peacock nook I was forever won over. (Remember that one time I collaborated with Pottly and Tubby and helped design a rattan kids line?) 

A Neighborhood Cafe

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As much as I am a sucker for interiors, when push comes to shove if the menu can't live up to the aesthetics I'm out. Lucky for me, the menu at Apero is delightful! And I can confidently say I have worked my way through a large percentage of the breakfast menu.


The duckfat pandesal is something you must never deny yourself of! 

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Tomato, Basig, Garlic and Grana Padano Organic Eggs

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Asparagus and Grana Padana Organic Eggs

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Egg-In-The-Hole-Toast With Bacon 

A Book That Takes Its Time 

On a recent stroll through another regular hangout, Powerbooks Podium, I gravitated towards A Book That Takes Its Time. I recognized the creators instantly! A Filipino pen pal, whom I met through Instagram, sent me kitschy cute stationary all the way from Germany December 2016. In return, I exchanged with her paper goods from beloved Filipino brand, Papemelroti. The small collection of paper from Germany had all come from the same home, Flow Magazine, a delightful Deutsche publication. A Book That Takes Its Time has now become my creative bible. The books message is simple, An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness. Before I dig into my to-do's I let my mind wander through the pages and creatively unwind. 


As the title indicates, I have taken my time section by section, chipping away at each morsel of sweetness. I like to let it hang in my mind and revisit the previous section before I start a new one. Flow Magazine is all about creativity and mindfulness so I have found it so helpful and therapuetic, not just for creative efforts but for emotional support as well. 

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You must arm yourself with a cuppa of course! I am a tea girl at heart so even if Apero is big on coffee they are still sweet on teas. 

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Hey! It's Me. 

Whether you find yourself at a cafe, market or a book store I hope you find your place to be a 'regular."

Kita Kits,

Pssssst: A Secret Post Script. Here is an experience that I should be way too embarrassed to post but I am apparently not. This experience happened at my 'regular' cafe, I don't even want to know if they have a nickname for me. Poop Girl? Foreigner Who Clogs Toilets? If you have read this far enough I salute you! 

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