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Point To Point Bus, An Adventure In Transportation

Point To Point Bus, An Adventure In Transportation

I love growing and changing as a person. In Manila I find that everyday I can learn a new word, cultural practice, a new food - the possibilities are endless. Learning is so exciting to me and part of the reason I love living abroad in this bustling city. Recently, I was able to try something new that has been on my list for a year na: POINT TO POINT BUS

Manila isn’t famous for its exceptional public transpo, except for the delightful Jeepney. So I was super stoked to try the P2P and experience a more efficient and timely mode of transpo. The overall experience was good, not 5 out 5 stars but still a fabulous option. 


The schedule sadly isn’t reliable, at least not on the weekend. Online the schedule is posted that buses leave more frequent. I was planning on a bus leaving at 7 am and when I arrived the schedule was actually every hour not half hour. However, the ride from Makati to Nuvali was quite a bit shorter than the time posted. I was headed to Nuvali for a visit to Faber Fiber Studio with some friends.


the beep terminal for a prepaid card only works if you already have the beep card, you cannot purchase the Glorietta 3/Landmark Pick up


this is the supposed schedule they follow


Buying a ticket was relatively easy. At the Makati location no Beep plastic cards were available so I just paid cash and had a paper ticket. On the return ride from Nuvali to Makati there was a terminal to purchase the plastic card. Although I think the plastic cards were free and of course re-loadable. *Pricing- add a bit about pricing here. 


Beep Beep! It felt so metropolitan having a prepaid card that you can scan.

Comfort and Cleanliness|

The comfort and cleanliness of the bus exceeded my expectations. The seats were very comfortable and somewhat spacious. It’s nice and air conditioned so bring a sweater. I was not a fan of the entertainment as there was a horror movie playing. If I had my children I would have asked to change the movie, it would have been highly inappropriate.


Smell ya later Makati, I’m off to the South!


the Nuvali terminal station was clean, organized and had a number of available buses


i was pretty beat and tired by this time but can’t say no to a P2P selfie documenting my first, but certainly not last, ride!


While driving along the SLEX I noticed Belo’s new campaign, Vice Ganda. Sobra ganda at galing for inclusion!

All in all I would totally use P2P again and highly recommend it. Keep your expectations appropriate and you’ll appreciate what you get. 

Kita Kita,


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