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Things To Do: Space Adventure At Mind Museum

Things To Do: Space Adventure At Mind Museum

Looking for something to do this rainy season, blast on over to the Space Adventure exhibit at Mind Museum. It’s easy to access, the price is fair and has a variety of different activities. I learned a ton during our two hour visit as well which is always a plus when things are educational for both parents and kids. 

weight on mars.jpg

Your weight on Earth is...Your weight on Mars is...

Discover Our Solar System

We reserved the morning slot and had the place all to ourselves. Literally all to ourselves, there was only the security guard at the entrance. I would have loved to have staff at the different exhibits to help the children immerse more into the experience. Not an overbearing amount but enough to explain more about the exhibit and the experience would have been better.


Roll The Dice, Draw An Alien

Everything was neatly organized and laid out which was nice for the kids to roam freely through each activity. All the exhibit activities were in working order which is a huge contrast to inside the Mind Museum. I appreciate the Mind Museum for what it is but wish the upkeep was more consistent as many of the exhibits haven't been working for years. It's actually one of the reasons we don't frequent it often, that and the high price tag. I actually prefer the free museums in Manila but the Space Adventure exhibit piqued my interest and I am happy we went. 

art plante ll.jpg
art planet.jpg

The exhibit featured art of well known exoplanets showing the assumed scientific reality and also an artists shadowbox of the elements each planet is known for. The Kepler 186-f was my favorite. 

Welcome To Mars

I particularly enjoyed the Mars station and was fascinated to read that by the year 2040 they hope to have some type of settlement on Mars! It was remarkable to see what a settlement might look like on Mars in real life! This might someday be my children's reality, what a weird thought!

mars station.jpg

control station

mars dig.jpg

construction on mars

mars food.jpg

filipino space food

mars gloves.jpg

learning to handle materials with gloves

mars greenhouse.jpg

how plants might be grown on mars


for the budding astronauts

Signing Off


All in all, the kids and I had a great time at Space Adventure. We became more acquainted with our earth on a larger scale. Manila really does have it all from the tropics to outer space. Catch the exhibit until December 31 of this year! And for you budding astronauts check out the Planetarium and Philippine Science Centrum

kita kits,


mind museum space adventure poster.jpg



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