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#PerskOfPinas Workshop

#PerskOfPinas Workshop

Well, we did it! We officially launched the #PerksOfPinas Workshop last October 9 and it was everything I had hoped for and so much. There was connection, education, fulfillment, mindfulness and so goodies galore! I’d love to share with you what made our first workshop so special.


A Few Details|

I was very intentional with the location of our workshop because foreigners feel most comfortable in BGC and Makati. We were able to find an affordable space at Metropolitan Club in Makati and it had the best light! Natural light is so important to me and my happiness and I wanted the morning to feel uplifting and bright. I am a firm supported of bringing the nature in so I used local details to add a Pinoy touch to the morning. You can see that I used a bao (coconut shell), lovely stickers from Filipino family brand, Papemelroti, abaca placemats and banana leaves as table runners. It was mostly all free and items I had on hand, benefits of a hoarder!

#PerksOfPinas Barkada|

Hands down the best part of the workshop was the participants. Even during the introductions there were so many heartfelt stories and instant openness which is the best catalyst for connection. Our batch was a mix of women from many different backgrounds and various lengths of time spent living in Manila. One participant had arrived in Manila just 5 days before while others have lived in Manila all their lives. There were a few special participants who are Fil-Am or re-patriating Filipinos who have lived abroad much of their lives and are finding ways to reconnect with their heritage. I was truly honored to have everyone there. 

Ayessa of Undiplomatic Wife wrote a beautiful post about her experience at the workshop. If you’re curious, please read her post here.

Education and Discussion|

PerksOfPinas Workshop isn’t only about making kuwento but educating ourselves on ways to improve our lives in Manila. This included a fun nuero-linguistic exercise led fearlessly by Kimi Lu. She is a wizard when it comes to energy! She knows how to get a whole room of people to let loose and boogie. Kimi also instructed us on ways to become self aware of our learning which empowers us to know what is most meaningful in our lives. I was able to share my knowledge of shifting our minds up and creating a positive mindset to find the daily #PerksOfPinas. I have done hours of research in terms of global transitions and touched on some hot top vocabulary such as identity reconstruction, emotional labor, place-attachment and third-culture-kid adults. If you’re hungry for more please join my next workshop on November 13 in BGC! 

a little dancing, meditating, learning, not taking, envisioning, and planting thanks to plantsandplanters co! this was a huge perk of the workshop

My Favorite Perks Of Pinas|

When you challenge yourself to shop local you support local and create place-attachment with your new home because your mindset and priorities are in the present. You find everything you might need right here. Not in our previous post or our home country but right here in Manila. When I changed my mindset to finding all my wants and needs locally my roots became planted further. I wanted to share some of my favorite #perksofpinas with the workshop attendees so they could feel the love and support local as well. I was truly humbled that every single brand I reached out to agreed to sponsor my event. I couldn’t believe it, I am forever grateful. 


The happy faces of our participants receiving their goodies. Jenni was gifted a blonde color treatment to my favorite colorist, dm, at Piandre ayala 30th.

Here are were my favorite picks:

A massive shoutout to the brands who supported Kimi and I for our first ever #PerksOfPinas Workshop!

@cocoonstudioph - A huuuuuuge maraming salamat to Cocoon Studio for capturing the joy during our event. The memories would not be the same with out them. They are fabulous for family photos and special events. Please check them out here.
@malingkatweaves - Malingkat has taken the traditional Filipino weave and modernized it in to a friendly eco bag. We all know Manila bay needs less plastic, now we can do our part.
@landersph - My favorite grocer graced every participant with a gift card so they can shop in comfort at Landers.
@teamelectricph - Ok, Team Electric worked their magic and got me addicted to their workouts. Manila really has so many options and Electric Studio is the pioneer cycling gym in the Philippines.
@piandresalon - Piandre Salon is a proudly family owned Filipino salon and from what I can tell, the only ones who know how to do blonde hair properly!
@ecoheroesph - Celine, my eco hero friend, has set out to help save the planet one straw at a time. She also visits local schools to educate about how students can minimize waste and help the environment. If you’re going to buy a stainless steel straw buy from her, she isn’t just doing it as a trend she is making real efforts to help our Mother Earth.
@pulserasbykim - Kim is a self taught jeweler and one I have known since 2014! Her business has blossomed and bloomed because she puts her heart and soul into Pulseras By Kim. Her jewelry is fabulous design within reach (aka won’t break the bank!)
@mommymundo - Mommy Mundo is the Fairy Godmother of all mothers in Manila. It was super important to include Mommy Mundo in our event because you can feel very isolated as an expat in Manila, especially if you are a (new) mom. Mommy Mundo is the ultimate resource for moms in the Philippines.
@papemelroti - My love for Papemelroti knows no bounds. Another grassroots family business that started with a crafty mom and five kids. Papemelroti is a timeless Pinoy treasure that Filipinos will always hold a feeling of nostalgia for. - One word: BASKETS! What would my workshop be without baskets? C and C constantly delivers high quality and great designed baskets.
@bibsisita - Bibsy Torio is a Filipino artist whose art makes the world a happier place. She uses color more spectacularly than other artist I have seen before and usually always includes a Filipino touch.
@radicalorganics - Natural, organic and healthy snacks were provided by Radical Organics coconut chips. All made proudly in the Philippines.
@morginao2 - The original super food: Moringa! Moringa 02 has taken the Pinoy super food and added it to beauty care. You won’t find a healthier brand that is more affordable than Moringa 02.
@tahananbooks - Tahanan Books is one of the leading publishers for Filipino books. If you want to become acquainted with Filipino culture Tahanan Books is your first stop.

@honestjunk - The healthiest naughtiest treats around! Honest Junk uses local Filipino ingredients with a twist. My favorite are the calamansi super gummies.
@thelittlewhisk - Grabe, you guys! Did you see those #PerksOfPinas cookies made by Maggie of The Little Whisk? They are pure genius and made me kilig. Which one is your favorite?
@kultura - No workshop would be complete without Kultura. An entire store full of uniquely Filipino items for all your needs. Need something for the home? Kultura! Need a gift? Kultura! It’s your one stop shop.

Maraming Maraming Salamat Po to my #PerksOfPinas sponsors!

I had no intention of being where I am today when I started an Instagram account and blog in 2015 but I am overjoyed I am where I am when I am. I am forever better because of this time in Manila and because of starting this blog. I love engaging positively online but what is most important to me is real life engagement. I have created a barkada, a network, a community and a support system through this blog and want to share that love with others. I am so grateful to finally be launching my workshops to help others successfully live in Manila. 

Kita Kits,


Please join my next workshop on November 13, At Home With Manila, At Home With Yourself. It will be from 9-12 at Menarco Tower BGC. This workshop will be writing centered as my partner this time will be Aurora Suarez, life coach and editor.

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