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Real Living Style Spotters

Real Living Style Spotters


Our love story begins in 2012, when I bought my first Real Living publication. It was as if Manila gifted me a magazine that spoke my creative language. In fact, it was Real Living that helped me settle into my home and plant roots, they even featured our home July of 2016. Since then I have been an avid supporter and amazingly enough, I now get to call myself  a Real Living Style Spotter. I will be contributing regularly as a home interior and DIY columnist. 

First order of business for calling myself a Real Living Style Spotter: Photoshoot! Never in my life have I ever had so many photos taken of me then in the last year. It's bizarre but I'm game for new life experiences, especially those that push me out of my comfort zone. The Style Spotters and I spent a morning at the Summit Media Studio getting to know each other, record some video footage and a lot of photos. 

Summit Media Studio|

style spotters ll
make up.jpg

the first few times I had my hair and make up done it felt a little weird, now I quite enjoy it because I can relax and let people make me look way better than I can do it myself. 

These two lovely women became friends when I fangirled all over them the first time I met them in 2015. "You run and write for Real Living???" "Yup, that's us." "OMG. I'm obsessed." And then we were fast friends. 


With Editor In Chief, Rache Medina and RL alumni Shine Funa.

set l.jpg
set ll.jpg

the set up with a few of my DIY projects from home

photo shoot .jpg

serious business


Get to know Real Living's Style Spotters


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Manila, I will love you forever because it is in this stage of life I have grown my family, started this old blog and now contribute to one of my most favorite publications, Real Living. Salamat forever! 

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