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Chill Out With Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Chill Out With Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea


Are you a fruit tea or milk tea addict? I know, me too!

If you haven't caught on to the craze you are seriously missing out. Especially living in Asia, we have the best fruit tea/milk tea in the world! Manila really does have it all and this time it is the Taiwanese fruit tea, Yi Fang. While I was traveling in Taipei two months ago without my kids and husband I happened to drive by the original location. The day after I landed in Manila I took everyone to visit Yi Fang's newest branch in BGC to cool down and indulge in some of the worlds yummiest fruit tea.


Aaker drinking crowd favorite Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea

We're fortunate to live in and endless summer but this particular June was crazy hot! I would much rather give my kid a refreshing Taiwan fruit to as opposed to a soda or sugar filled popsicle any day to cool down! We also brought our Keep Cup and Eco Hero stainless steel straw along with us this visit. 

Crowd Favorites|

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea has an exceptional menu but here are some insider tips sharing the crowd favorites. Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea has premium mountain tea (a type of green tea), pineapple, passionfruit, orange and apples - sarap! The Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte has fresh milk (only the best!), premium black tea and brown sugar pearls which are prepared daily for hours. I've actually waited for a fresh batch before. Up next we have big hitter, Aiyu Lemon Green Tea which is fresh squeezed lemon, premium green tea and aiyu jelly.  In case you're wondering what Aiyu is made of, it's made of fig fruit and green tea. Wintermelon Milk is of course fresh milk and sweet wintermelon. Wintermelon is sort of a cantaloupe mixed with a cucumber. Sugarcane Mountain Tea is locally sourced sugarcane with no preservatives and premium mountain tea, so get on it!


Aiyu Lemon Green Tea


Aiyu Lemon Green Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte, Wintermelon Milk and Sugarcane Mountain Tea

The Correct Method|

In order to fully appreciate Yi Fang’s Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte, you must follow the proper method.

1. Rest & Flip. I like to do this to mix the flavors around but also to distribute the cold ice throughout the drink.

2. Make sure you use  a large straw to maximize flavor and get the delicious pearls with every sip!


Your drink will start with layers, mine had already settled. 


What makes it so good? Brewed fresh daily, premium tea leaves, fresh ingredients meaning no powders and no artificial ingredients!

Cool Down|


Lucky for us we have warm weather all year to enjoy Yi Fang's milk tea and fruit tea. And now I am craving a boba sooooo bad!



Catch Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea at one of their four locations in the Metro, Ayala 30th, San Juan, BGC High Street and Trinoma. 

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