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A Morning At The Market

A Morning At The Market

We did it! For the first time in years we did a Saturday morning market successfully! 

From 2012- 2014 we lived in Makati and frequented the Salcedo Market almost weekly. When we moved out to Pasig in 2014 our market visits all but disappeared. I tried a few times over the years but with crying kids and arm pit sweat that could defeat a viking I decided to pump the breaks even more. It had been months since we had our beloved chocolate suman so this loka mom packed up our jack-of-all-trades stroller and headed out the door for a morning at the market.

Here's my fancy (just kidding, it's not) formula for a great morning at the market. 

Tip 1| Food

wells + suman

Wells with his aforementioned beloved chocolate suman from Budbud.

oz + ihaw

Oz vs ihaw!


I was super proud of kuya this morning as he is apprehensive to a lot of food but he got done with this ihaw. 

ozzie vs corn

Oz vs corn!

Wells Vs Corn.jpg

There is something magical for kids about food on a stick. Want this vegetable? Put a stick on it!

corn grill
Japanese Pancake
Japanese Pancakes ll



ilocos empanada

Tip 2| Drop the kids at the park 

brave kuya
brave bunso
brave makulit

Tip 3| Have an awesome yaya!

Chanda smiles
Makulit swing
Kuya swings

Tip 4| Something for mom!

I'm a basket case! I never met a basket I didn't like. 

my pretties
my pretties ll

Tip 5| Food... again!

Wells vs Ihaw
Wells wins
Mom vs Karioka

Mom vs karioka!

tip 6| Have a stroller to hold all your finds!


Pretty simple my friends. All you need is something to carry all your crap like this Squizz stroller, lots of food, a magical yaya and a place for kids to run wild. Happy Saturday!

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