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Manila Has Everything: Decathlon PH

Manila Has Everything: Decathlon PH

If you have been here a while you know I love to say, 'Manila has everythaaaaaang!" And we do, we really do. This time French sports store, Decathlon PH, has me singing Manila's praises. Now, I know 'things' should not make people happy but 'doing things' with my people does make me happy. I am so pleased to see a store like Decathlon PH which offers heaps of opportunities to create active family memories and that is something I can get down with. Plus, I couldn't believe how affordable it is. 

outdoor entrance.jpg

Located in The South, with all good things, Decathlon is located on the left side of Festival Mall with a giant space filled to the brim (I'm not kidding, that store is stocked full!) I have never visited a Decathlon store before but it seems to me if Ikea put up a sports store this would be it. The products are super affordable and very diverse. The quality isn't top of the line but it is certainly on par or exceeds the fare price. 


I couldn't even begin to scratch the surface with a blog post, so if being active with your family is something you value go have a visit. 

Here's a pica pica of photos to whet your appetite

women hiking.jpg


wells in the tent.jpg
boys in the tent.jpg
kids hiking shoes.jpg

hiking shoes for all 

camping counters.jpg

camping storage and portable counter

kids jacket.jpg


bike basket.jpg

bike basket 

kids bike seat.jpg

kids bike seat

boxing gear.jpg


ballet gear.jpg

ballet gear

kids sneaks.jpg

kid sneaks

exercise gear.jpg

so much lycra and spandex

running gadgets.jpg

gear for running headbands hip and arm belts etc

swim gear.jpg



soccer area.jpg

Surprisingly, we didn't break the bank at the end of our visit and only walked out with one bag filled with a hand full of items. There was a buffer knowing that the scarcity mentality wouldn't get the best of us so I didn't feel the need to buy the whole store. Deacthlon was fully stocked and is here to stay.  

Decathlon PH

All prices listed here 

Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM


Decathlon Alabang, Festival Mall Corporate Ave

Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

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