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Project Lilo

Project Lilo

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In life, this is the kind of crew I want to have. 

Recently I read a very perplexing article about prominent moms in social media and it shook me to the core. One fan stated that they look to popular mommy bloggers to help become a better version of themselves. While this concept isn't necessarily harmful, it has loads of potential to be. Online communities have a place for good and the irony is not lost on me that I contribute to this online world however, the perfectly curated feeds and posts don't tell a whole story and often leave an insatiable appetite for a better version of oneself that is a false reality to begin with. I have a lot to say about this subject matter but that is for another post, or better yet, a real life conversation. Today I want to share about a movement born out of love to neutralize the perfection of an online world and share the whole spectrum of motherhood. A passion project between two dear friends of mine, Sheila Catilo and Leona Panutat who put their hearts and minds together to create Project Lilo, Life Love and Little Ones

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Project Lilo 

Leona & Sheila

We created PROJECT LILO or Life Love and Little Ones as a gift to our fellow mothers. In this day and age where perfection is the norm on social media, we wanted to portray motherhood for what it truly is: beautiful, messy, exhausting and rewarding. Join us as we take a peek into the lives of inspiring and accomplished women through candid conversations about raising children, marriage, work life balance and the myth of having and doing all.
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I have waited months to meet Leona's mother Yeyette and today was my lucky day. Living in Manila I only know current Manila and have missed out on the my friends previous days. Last month I sat with Leona in her home and looked at her childhood photo albums to see what it was like growing up in Manila during the same time I grew up in California. Leona's mom graciously rounded up all the photo albums for my enjoyment. ♡  

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Online communities do have the potential to create goodness, this was certainly one of those times. Warm greetings, laughs and heartfelt moments were had during our gathering for Project Lilo's launch. 

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OMG moments ll.jpeg

'OMG Moment' ice breaker warmed us all up as we shared our motherhood omg moments. Hilariously, a mother/daughter combo was in attendance, you can see the expressions above. Take a minute and think what yours would be. Mine was of course about Oz and how he finger painted a dragon out of poop. So gross. 

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the little whisk and her perfect cookies. 


the table was adorned with quotes from various PL moms. 

If you didn't already know, Manila is the selfie capital of the world but that really should not be surprising.

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My victory pose as I was the lucky recipient of a Kaayo Tangkulo. In case you think I take it to heart lightly that the online world can be too curated, I like to change it up with some awkward photos once in a while, you're welcome. 

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my favorite, woven towels from Adore Home

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yummy treats via Paper Moon Cafe

One of the greatest gifts of being a part of Project Lilo was having magic maker Sheila Catilo take our family photos in our home last October. I will never stop treasuring those photographs. 

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Project Lilo

The First Round Up of PL Moms

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Boomerangs are not meant to be taken lightly, especially with this barkada. Stretching isn't optional, its mandatory. :) 

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All of this is to say, if you need a refresh from the filters and curated feeds, head on over for a slice of reality to

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