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Sidcor Sunday Market

Sidcor Sunday Market

I'm telling you right now, Sidcor Market is the place to be. No frills, unpretentious, just good prices and good finds. Sidcor Sunday Market is the epitome of a Filipino weekend market and you need to experience it for yourself. 

montessori broom

Montessori Brooms

for the little ones

ceramic pots

Ceramic Vases

wells + vases
blue details
table linens

Table Clothes

imported from the middle east

grood wood 2
grood wood 3

Wooden Platters

You will find it all at Sidcor Market. Clothes, they're here. Toys, they're here. Kaldereta, it's here. Buko juice, it's here. Home decor, yup Sidcor has it. The trick to getting the full experience of Sidcor is hitting the market early before it gets too hot and before the crowds grow beyond comfort. This particular morning my little guy and I headed out around 7:30 am, as you can see he was still in his pajamas. 

wells and his car

Curated markets are eye catching but I love a sprawling market that has it all. You will find imported goods, Filipino foods and local handicrafts all at Sidcor Market. We spent a great deal of our time at the entrance section because of the handicrafts and then the remaining time in the food. We didn't even enter the clothing, toys, make up, accesories or plants and whatever else there is.  

recycled bags
rice bag recyles
Art Apron
marketing bag

A grocery store visit hasn't been complete without my flour sack bags since 2009! It made me so happy to learn they are made right in our home city of Pasig. Craftcha can be reached through FB for orders or special projects. 

ceramic dishes lll


My gulai, the ceramics y'all! They were incredible. And yes, the prices were good.

wells + ceramic
ceramic dishes ll
blue ceramic
ceramic dishes l


on patches

Three patches for 100php lang. 


Sea Of Tents And Patrons

rellenong talong


so many food choices


I was so tempted by these potatoes and beef kaldereta. 


Nom nom nom, sisig!

wells get a juice
lumpia l

He loves suman like his momma!




One word: BAGNET!

lumpia ll

The biggest. The baddest. The best lumpia. 

shang express

Shang Express

home of the best lumpia and shrimp tempura. Take home for lunch after marketing.

corn dogger

I was "Yes Mom" this particular visit. "Can I have a corn dog?" "Yes!" "Can I have juice?" "Yes!"He's my bunso and we had been marketing for two hours already so I gave in. 


More tents. More Food. 

fruit stand

Fresh Fruits Produce and Meat

raw chicken
chicken feet

Living in Hawaii for four years was great preparation for living in Manila. I got used to cockroaches and chicken feet. As a young college student I was out for a running one warm Saturday morning and vividly remember as I crossed the bridge from Kahuku to Laie I looked down and saw fresh cut chicken feet, image similar to the one above. It freaked me out then, it doesn't even phase me now. Oh how I've grown!

fish man

Little buddy learning from Kuya about market life. As we admired the flippant fish one actually jumped out of the container and nearly landed on us. Wells and I both squealed out of shock and then followed it with a rolling laughter at the absurdity of it all. Ah, I love our life here. 

buko juice
mom and wells

Finishing off our marketing day with bicho bicho. Ah Manila, you throw so many gifts my way. How can I ever repay you? I'll try my best by sharing the love here on this blog of mine. 

Sidcor Market is every Sunday from 6 am - 2 pm and located at Eton Centris in Quezon City. We took an Uber there and home and it was very convenient. 

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