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Only In The Philippines: That One Time We Created A Children’s Chair Line

Only In The Philippines: That One Time We Created A Children’s Chair Line

I could have a whole a series of, "Only In The Philippines: That One Time..." because magical and rare opportunities happen in the Philippines. This time, I find myself teaming up with girl boss Marie Field Faith of Pottly N' Tubby as we put our styles together and bring you a modern rattan children's line. 

The Peacock chair is one of the most iconic furniture pieces of all time. Even if you know nothing about interior design you know what a peacock chair is, many not the proper name but definitely the design. When I learned the Peacock chair originated from the Philippines something in my heart burst and my bones ached for one to live in my home. The chairs can be pricey in Manila often because high end designers tend to be the only place stocked. This prevented me from ever snatching one up, until a few months back when destiny came a knockin'. 


Artisan Workshop 

humble begginings

As one does in Manila, I was finishing my usual exploration of a mall up north and on the route home we turned to get on EDSA from Quezon City and ...there she was. The street was lined with make-shift homes, junk shops and a workshop. In a frenzied panic I pulled over, hopped out of the car and asked if I could buy the chair on the spot. At first I was denied, I almost shed tears at the rejection. Thankfully, despite two broken languages attempting to communicate I learned that I couldn't buy that specific chair because the shop owner wanted to make me two new ones that were in better shape but still for the same price. Fast forward two weeks and my peacock chairs were delivered to our Piña Home. I was smitten with this perfectly fit Pinoy detail finally in my home.

dining room

Peacock Throne

Our Piña Home

Since I am an over-sharer at heart this story played out on social media and Marie pounced on the idea for a collaboration. Her years abroad in Australia have shaped her polished and fashion forward style, while my years in Manila have a touch of local handicrafts and bright colors. We worked together to decide on multiple chair designs, colors and some other fun pieces launching this December.

wells on the chair.jpg

The rattan materials and design of each chair are more than aesthetic to me, my story is in the weave of the fibers. My love of the peacock chair, my love of the families and my love of creating are all interwoven. Our time in Manila is a gift and this is a physical representation of that.

peacock ll.jpg
pedal vlll.jpg
pedal ll.jpg

A huge shout out to Real Living for being supportive of local entrepreneurs like Pottly N Tubby and dreamers like myself. Real Living recently featured our collaboration with a whole story and I would love to share some highlights. Please read the full article here


And that is the story of how I randomly and awesomely created a kids chair line in the Philippines. Ha! Pinch me. 

The Peacock chair sells for P3,950 and the Flower Rattan chair goes for P4,500 exclusively at Pottly n Tubby

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