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Settling In: Shop Your Closets + A Giveaway With Incy Rooms!

Settling In: Shop Your Closets + A Giveaway With Incy Rooms!

Continuing the series titled, "Settling In" I share one of my greatest ways to decorate: Shop Your Closet. My hopes are to share ideas and ways to help you settle into your new home and life in Manila, or abroad anywhere I suppose. Find the other stories in the series here.

Philippine design and handicrafts are one of the elements that made me fall deeply in love this place. There is no lack of interior design inspiration in Manila (seriously, you go girl!) and there is no lack of resources. My home, #ourpiñahome, has been my canvas for my creative outlet as I have waded through motherhood. Young children are constantly changing which means new room arrangements, switching bedrooms, closets, clothes and the likes. Something that has been a fun challenge for me is repurposing the same decor items through each change, I call this: Shopping Your Closets. If an update is needed I stick to the principle; invest in one nice piece and then ‘shop your closets’ for the rest. 

Keeping It Real With Incy + #3PinoyBoys Room |

Motherhood is bipolar and so are children. During the day children can be irrational and crazy. My #3PinoyBoys spend approximately 40-60% of their day fighting, but when the night comes they all choose peacefully to sleep in the same space. It’s all so brutifal (brutal + beautiful). We moved the kids to a smaller bedroom in our home so they would be closer to one another and it has eased the witching hour of our bed time routine. However, the layout was ATROCIOUS! I avoided that space like dengue (our version of the plague). So, I teamed up with Incy Rooms to include one big piece and shopped my closet for the rest. And guess what, you can also get a rug from Incy Rooms. GIVEAWAY DETAILS HERE! Please enter, it’s too easy not to.

Press Play |

a few Before Shots |


The room felt a bit tight with extra furniture pieces and shelving. To create more space we removed hanging shelves, extra furniture pieces. You can see this room before when it was just a babies room. I think this room has had 4 or 5 transformations and I am hoping this is the last, until I get the itch to move it all around again. Ha!

Here & There |

For this room-face-lift we brought in one big nice piece, a rug from Incy Rooms, and then shopped my closets for the rest. We rearranged furniture, removed hanging shelves + furniture pieces, moved posters around and took decor pieces from other parts of the house.


a space in transition

Here we layered the rugs to see which would fit the atmosphere of the room best. I chose two different Lorena Canal rugs from Incy to try in the room. The Air Alaska Blue is the top stripped rug which was a bit darker and more somber as opposed to the electricity from the zig zag stripes of the Earth Alaska Blue. The rugs are washable and colors are woven through and through. This isn’t a print but a beautifully loomed rug.


there was huge holes left from the hanging shelves, so some plaster & sanding are in order


since we’re #keepingitrealwithincy I’ll let you on a secret that the wall still needs to be sanded, ha!


spinkie baby canopy in mustard, pro tip: best hiding spot for a nerf battle!

Spinkie Baby is a globally loved home decor company that is proudly from the Philippines. They are most often sold across Australia, Europe and North America but have finally decided to come home and bring their lovely designs to our local market. They are sewn by moms in the Philippines for moms globally. Go Pinays Go!

The Here & Now |

And here is the final space! I avoided this space because the light and layout of the furniture bugged me so much. It’s amazing what a little rearranging and one rug can do for the energy of a room + home. Thanks Incy!


the force is strong in this room.


a brothers love…


that texture though, too good


Los Angeles Angel’s Rally Monkey, a gift from Aaker’s uncle this summer in America


another locally sourced and loved children’s furniture line is pottlyntubby, you can read more about this chair here.


That’s a wrap!

My home looks pretty in these photos but real people live here and real messes are made. As you watched in the video at the beginning of this post you can see real life! We want you to share your messy and beautiful life with us and even when a wrong for your vulnerability!

Nikki Garcia and I have teamed up with Incy Rooms for an Instagram giveaway. Please head over here for the mechanics and enter to win before Friday October 4, 2019.

Kita Kita,


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