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Kamuning Public Market, Another Treasure Trove

Kamuning Public Market, Another Treasure Trove

Guys, another day in Manila brings another public market full of treasures. Manila, I don't think I could ever quit you, even if I tried. 


I heard Kamuning being passed around in my craft circles for the place to go for upholstery fabric. When I saw a photo of a friend sourcing bayongs in a mysterious secret spot I had to know; apparently Kamuning is the place to go. You will find baskets, shoe laces, bayongs, school uniforms, upholsters, upholstery fabric, notions, native hands, enamel wear and so many other fantastic finds! 

What captured my heart at first sight were these beaded lola slippers, alpombras. My heart skipped a beat and after no less than 20 pairs I finally found the ones (let's be honest, I bought three pair).


Upon entering the market from the front entrance you will find the fabrics and seamstresses located on the right. Take a walk and soak in all the options. I haven't tried any as of yet but plan to have a couch cover made. I will do a full write up after progress has been made. 

Baskets anyone? I never met a basket I didn't like, but you already know that! All the way to the right side and in the back corner you will find this mother load. The sweet tindera has a vendor who can even take special orders. 

Don't just come to Kamuning for the baskets or fabrics; wander and get lost in the sea of novelty. Everyone has business cards so don't be afraid to ask. Something I love about Filipinos is that they often will deliver orders, doesn't hurt to give it a try. If you have any success please do let me know! 

After all that shopping your tummy will grumble and beg you to fill it with a sweet something. Just across the street from Kamuning are street vendors and you must try Banana-Q (sugared and grilled banana), Karioka (glutinous rice balls fried in a bit of caramelized sugar) and of course, Turon (lumpia wrapped fried banana). I devoured these on the drive home and have no regrets!

Oh Manila, I could explore you every day and never scratch the surface. You are truly a wonder! 

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