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Settling In: Upholstery

Settling In: Upholstery

Continuing the series titled, "Settling In" I share one of my greatest finds: a reliable and affordable upholster. My hopes are to share ideas and ways to help you settle into your new home and life in Manila, or abroad anywhere I suppose. Here is Part l and Part ll. 

couch l

You know those days where it seems to take one million hours to get even just one errand done? In Manila I give myself time to do one errand a day, two at the maximum. While getting around Manila can be quite time consuming (hello #10 of worlds worst traffic) there is a silver lining, Manila has so many delivery options and in home services! My most recent score: house visiting upholsterer! You read that right, an upholsterer who comes to your home, measures your furniture and delivers a snug fitting cover within the week. Did I mention they are affordable?

While roaming Kamuning Public Market, well known for their home fabrics, I happened upon Margarita's Curtain and Upholstery shop. When I inquired if they made couch covers the tindera politely called the owners and confirmed that they indeed can make couch covers. Since we have little kids I didn't want to invest in buying a new couch that is bound to get dirty and jumped on. Furniture in Manila isn't particularly cheap and finding a quality couch within our budget has proved difficult, so I decided to keep our second hand couch and upgrade the cover, which turned out to be a fraction of the cost. Lina who owns Margarata's Curtains and Upholstery answered my text immediately and was over within two days to measure the couch. Lina quoted me a great price and said the cover would be ready in five days, they delivered in four! I was so impressed with the turn out, this never happens in Manila! I always build a buffer into how long something will be delivered or completed. Not only was I impressed with the price and time but the exact fit and workmanship was phenomenal. I cannot recommend Lina and her team enough. (I am not comfortable writing the total price on my blog but would be happy to let you know via email or IG DM)


wells and kuya

Kuya measured and sketched the couch first. This is the second male uphosterer we have used, makes my heart happy. 

exact measurements
kuya sketches
fabric swatches

The fabric swatches to choose from, if you aren't happy with the choices you can supply your own. The cost of the labor and fabric would have been my estimate for just the fabric, again, so affordable. 


oz hides
boys play

Watching them dress the new cover on was captivating. It was such an exact fit I could hardly believe he was able to do that based on his drawing and sketches. It was so exact. 

a perfect fit


kuya ate and wells

Thank you Lina and Kuya, we are so happy with the final cover. I am almost tempted to get another one made so I can rotate them. 

wells reads
wells reads ll
couch lll

Blanket is from Beyond Borders

couch details

Margarita's Curtains

Lina 0926-754-5471

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