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We Snuck Away For The Weekend

We Snuck Away For The Weekend

The weeks have been piling up and it seems like even Saturdays can be hit and run from the moment you wake up. This particular weekend we hit the pause button and snuck away to The Lotuspod and it was so so good.

communual bathrooms.jpg

When I reminisce about these photos I keep reflecting on the time we had to slow down and connect with one another. We weren’t in a hurry, we were just there to be in nature and be with one another.


Often our trips are controlled by a scarcity mentality, not this weekend. This was our time to let the clock magically unwind how it pleased. This was our time to sink into the experience. (Let’s be real for a minute, I did have to take my 100 photos for the blog in the first few hours so I could be at ease to soak in the weekend how I pleased, not letting the camera or writing have the advantage.)

the boys.jpg

My boys. 

aaker overlooks the pond.jpg
oz and mom.jpg
aaker and mom.jpg


aakers plays chess.jpg
wells profile.jpg
oz at the pool.jpg
*mom on a bike.jpg
b&w wading pool.jpg


Our stay at the Lotuspod felt as if someone opened their weekend province home to our family. A home has details that add life and wonder, Lotuspod was filled to the brim with details. Allow me to indulge as I overshare a plethora of photos to give you a taste of the winsome details.

communual bathrooms lll.jpg
green door details.jpg
umbrella details.jpg
green hand .jpg
desk details.jpg

The hanging baskets of the outdoor kitchen had me swooning. Every detail was impeccable. 

hanging baskets.jpg
back yard view .jpg

A mixture of texture. 

*entrance lobby.jpg

A warm welcome.

welcome juice.jpg
restarant details.jpg
*spa door.jpg
*ginger flower.jpg
spa details llll.jpg

The quaint store at Lotus Pod.

*store ll.jpg


Instagram can be quite the magician and turn even the most simple of experiences into a magical event on screen with the touch of a filter. Don’t believe Instagram, believe me when I tell you that pictures do not do Lotuspod justice. I was reserving my expectations for reality, but what do you do when reality is better than expectations? You live it up and enjoy being in the moment. We rode bikes, zip lined, slack lined, jumped, swam, swung, rock climbed. It was a dreamy family weekend.

zipline view.jpg
single pod.jpg

a lotus pod in all its glory

single pod alone.jpg

The whole farmscape is walkable within a matter of minutes. The casitas, outdoor restaurant, pool and pond are all within view and a matter of steps. Despite the closeness, we never felt crowded. Granted, we were there on a weekend with only two other occupants which was perfect.

boys searching.jpg

A happy place. 

kids + mom on a bike.jpg
spa pool.jpg
oz slacklines.jpg
Wells swings.jpg


wading pool spring water.jpg
Oz jumpes into pool.jpg
aaker jumps.jpg


Did I mention we ate? Oh my gulai, we ate and we ate good. You have to order your food before you head down for your stay. For some, this takes care of the food planning ahead of time; for me, it gave me anxiety! I wanted to order on the spot and have choices - cue scarcity mentality. However, it all worked out deliciously. Merienda was out of this world and was my favorite ‘meal’ of the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all on par with the high quality experience at Lotuspod. The only dish we didn’t love was the pasta since we don’t love sweet Spaghetti, we aren’t Pinoy enough (yet!).

good morning aaker.jpg
wells loves cocoa.jpg
oz loves cocoa.jpg
*tarragon tea ll.jpg

fresh tarragon tea

mango sago.jpg

mango sago



banana cue.jpg

banana cue


That thing called merienda. 

breakfast fruit.jpg


breakfast longannisa.jpg


breakfast tapa .JPG

chicken adobo

breakfast tocino.jpg


wells loves mango.jpg
outdoor kitchen.jpg

outdoor kitchen. 

dining at night.jpg

outdoor dining.


As mentioned earlier, the casitas felt more like a friend's province home than a hotel stay. Our family of five isn’t used to sleeping all together in one room but we did it for two nights and it went surprisingly well. The highlight of the casitas for the kids was definitely the foot bath at the entrance of the house. They used it as a wading pool for hours! The highlight for me were the dreamy details.

leaving casitas.jpg
green door.jpg
foot bath.jpg

the wading foot bath


back porch

room view.jpg

inside casita

bali bathroom details.jpg
bathroom details lotion.jpg
wall decal .jpg
bathroom shot.jpg
coffee and sugar.jpg
leather details.jpg
leather details close up.jpg

rain or shine

Our plans were originally for one night but we enjoyed ourselves so much we stayed another night. The morning of our departing day was a bit stormy but beautiful nonetheless. It added an element of serenity that hadn’t been there before. The greens more brilliant, the ripples on the lotus pond more visible.

dad walks in the rain.jpg
wells walks in the rain.jpg
koi fish pond.jpg
tarragon tea.jpg


night family.jpg

We snuck away for the weekend and our family was better for it. We connected, we explored and we loved hard. I can’t think of a better place to do that than the Lotuspod. Until next time.

family + RJ .jpg

Our family with our new friend RJ who is the resident kaibigan. 

press play


things to know: 

  • The Lotuspod is located in Puyouy, Laguna just two and half hours south of Manila.


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  • The total cost of our weekend getaway was that of a budget hotel but the experience was far beyond a “budget hotel” experience.

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