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Seven Activities To Get You Out Of The House On A Rainy Day

Seven Activities To Get You Out Of The House On A Rainy Day

I previously shared a post about how to conquer a day of rain indoors. Now, here are a few tips to help you conquer a day of rain outside the home. Good luck troops! Ingat kayo. 

1| Museums

Take this perfect opportunity to visit museums! You'd be surprised at the wide variety of museums Manila has to offer, you are bound to find something for everyone in your family. You can read my top 5 Kid Friendly Museum list or my index of museum posts here

national museum
national museum
Museum Of Ideas
Marikina Science Exhibit

Marikina Science Centrum

2| Mystery Manila

Was Clue your favorite board game as a child? Mine too. Mystery Manila let's you live out a mystery that you solve with your group. This is a great activity for a group of friends or even a whole family. There are a number to choose from and depending on what time you go they offer discounted rates. Prices vary from 400-550 php per person. 

mystery manila

3| Attack Arena

The Attack Arena has piqued my interest and is on the top of my 'to visit' list. Imagine an arena outfitted for friendly archery battles, dodge ball and swordsmanship. Live out your Katniss Everdeen fantasy without the real life blood and gore. First hour is 400php or all day for 800 php. *Along the same lines but on a smaller scale and located in a Mega Mall is Arrowland Archery Center. Haven't tried it but would definitely give it a go.  Prices are dependant on how many arrows you shoot, 50php -1600php. 

the attack arena

image via Attack Areana's FB

4| Karaoke

Please tell me you have had the experience to karaoke in Manila. If you don't have a group of friends to go with take the kids! I have a friend who is regular with her two girls, they even have a special room! We prefer Red Box as they are an established brand and provide clean private rooms. Prices vary from 99-399php per person. 

5| Malling: Laser Tag, Ice Skating, Movies, Bowling, Rollercoaster!

Manila is the city for malling but let's shake it up a bit. Here are a few ideas for mall activities. Laser tag, ice skating, movies  bowling and even a roller coaster. We recently had a great holiday of bowling with friends at MOA and finished it off by an authentic Japanese dining experience at Dohtonbori. For those of you in the South, you have the awesome entertainment facilities at Festival Mall even including a roller coaster! Prices vary for all activities, anywhere from 300-700 php per person. 

laser tag

6| Fun Ranch

For an outdoor play center, Fun Ranch is surprisingly covered. My kids loved the race cars and bumper boats. What's great about Fun Ranch is there is one located both in the North and the South. Most rides are around 50php or you can buy an unlimited pass for 300php.

money bag.jpg


have your kids count up the loose change at home to pay your way. It eats up a good chunk of time, they contribute to earning the fun and basic math skills. boo yah!

race cars

7| Play Places

Last but not least, you have indoor play places ranging from Kidzoona to Active Fun and a number in between. Never underestimate the power of plastic toys, indoor slides and obnoxious kids music. :) Kidzoona has 30 branches here already! You can read one of my first posts about it here. 

ball pit

P.S. If you are looking for great rain gear check out Ready For Rain, Manila's one stop rain shop. I geared up recently with my own pair of Plueys. 


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