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Last Minute Getaway: The Farm At San Benito, Lipa

Last Minute Getaway: The Farm At San Benito, Lipa

foliage l.jpg

Grabe, my brain is in these photos right now and not at my drafting table with three homework assignments piling up. But I digress, let’s talk about the magic of The Farm At San Benito. A few weekends back I was itching to get out out of the city and in nature. The beach wasn’t an option because the forecast was rainy so I figured why not call The Farm At 9 am and ask if they have any available rooms. They did, so I then proceeded to ask if they would price match since it would be vacant anyway and they did! Then upon check in the front desk recognized me because I’ve been on many day trips recently and they upgraded our family! And that is another lazy mom hack, ya welcome! 


enjoying some sweet slow moments with my eldest

Alrighty, y’all gotta check out our Narra Villa room with our own pool attached. It was dreamy. The Narra Villa room itself is very spacious and we used the window reading nook as a bed for the two older boys and the sofa chair as a bed for the youngest. You better believe I took a long glorious bath in the tub because our home in Manila doesn’t have a bath tub! 

room .jpg

the glorious bathtub

room wells window.jpg

we used this window seat as a bed for our eldest two

room pool.jpg

the boys were in heaven, obviously

As for activities around the Farm for the kids, there are a ton! In the last few years since I’ve been frequenting the farm they’ve added more and more family friendly spaces. They’ve also created the aqua sanctuary and keep the spa pool to a quiet zone so child-free families can still be completely undisrupted. We hung out most of the time at the south pool with the playground. 

mandala lll.jpg

flower mandala art happens every morning around 9 am

mandala v.jpg

“I want to do one all by myself.”

mandala ll.jpg

“mom we could totally do this at home!”

spa pool.jpg

I think I’ll stay a while…

playground l.jpg

all play and no work


Breakfast was included in our package and I was surprised that a main course and the buffet were included. I would recommend sticking to the arroz caldo and filling up on the yummy fruits and veggie buffet inside. 

The food at the Farm is not cheap so choose very wisely what to order. We ordered fries and the club sandwich which was perfect for all #3PinoyBoys to eat. I was so sad to learn they discontinued tea time merienda as this was one of my absolutely favorite elements of the day. Please bring it back Farm! 

food granola.jpg
food fruit.jpg
food salad.jpg
tea time
tea time ll

RIP Tea Time you will be missed

Located next to the great pond is a large grass area where my kids roamed free, played frisbee and caught a dozen baby frogs. Leave it to my little ones to notice the baby frogs as I would have walked on by. I think this was my happiest moment of our trip, in the grass watching them be curious and brave as they gently caught and released the tiny creatures. 

wells frogs.jpg

a child’s work is to play

wells frogs ll.jpg

our families MVP of frog catching

Press Play

family lll.jpg

best photo we could get - every mother knows!

All in all, my lazy late planning trip really paid off. Thanks for the reprieve from the city, we will be back again.

Kita kita Titas,


Ps: Always ask for the local rate! You can get a day trip including a spa service and a meal plus all day use at the facilities for 5,000php! 

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