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Hanamaruken Ramen: The Happiness Ramen

Hanamaruken Ramen: The Happiness Ramen

Need a little something to pick you up this rainy season? Try a little happiness ramen at Hanamaruken, it is an instant pick me up! It warms your frigid fingers (because of intense air con) and gives your tummy a soothing hug. Plus, this isn't a place just for adults but a dining experience for the whole family. After all, when you find happiness you want to share it. 



A confession; the ramen is delicious but I come here for the karaage. Their perfect crispy bite size chicken is easy to please adults and kids. 


Edamame are a simple starter and can occupy a ton of time if you bring the littles to dine with you. Peeling the soft shell to reveal a bean of victory at the end buys us at least 10 minutes, just in time for our ramen to arrive. *Hanamaruken has spiced these edamame up just a bit. They took something simple and added a nice zing to them. I would order the spicy edamame for parents and plain ones for kids. 

soy beans.jpg
green tea matcha.jpg


Question: How is Japanese bacon so masarap? Hanamaruken recently launched a BLT soba and it is everything you've dreamed of. The perfectly toasted scrumptious bits of bacon paired with the fresh green onions is to die for. 


Do not skimp on dessert, you must try the choco lava cake!

molten lava.png


As usual, I am always distracted by my other love; interiors. The Tasteless Group does not skimp on taste - interiors, food, and design included. This particular branch is located at The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig and it is pure eye candy. 


It always makes me happy to see lokal artist around, especially in commercial restaurants like Hanamaruken. This particular ceramic line is from Antipolo's Crescent Moon Pottery Farm. 

crescent moon.jpg

Japanese Resto, Lokal Pottery

I own the same bowls and found them treasure hunting at Crescent Moon.

If you need a warm tummy hug you can find Hanamaruken Trinoma, ATC and The Grove. 

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